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Abraham man Alternative forms: (α-forms) Abraham-man, Abrahamman, (β-forms) Abram man, Abram-man, Abramman etymology
  • Possibly an allusion to a story in , in which the beggar Lazarus ends up in Abraham's bosom.
  • Possibly from the now-obsolete but then-current phrase .
  • (US) /ˈeɪ.bɹəˌhæm mæn/, /ˈeɪ.bɹə.həm mæn/
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang when it was current, now obsolete or historical) One of a set of vagabond / vagrant who, in the 1700s and 1800s, roamed through England, feign mental illness to obtain alms.

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