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Albertopolis {{wikipedia}} etymology From Albert + polis, after , husband of , who proposed the purchase and redevelopment of the area, funded by profits from the , which he had also championed. Initially used somewhat satirically, the term fell into disuse after the Prince's death, but usage was revived in the 1960s.
proper noun: {{en-proper noun}}
  1. (informal) An area of , London, that contains a large number of educational and cultural sites.
    • 1861 April 15, Photography and the Exhibition of 1862, The Photographic Journal, Volume 7, page 149, Of course there will be a collection of unprecedented merit in the temple about to be raised in Albertopolis.
    • 2002, Hermione Hobhouse, The Crystal Palace and the Great Exhibition: Science, Art and Productive Industry: A History of the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, page 243, As the nineteenth century and the Queen's reign ended, new players and new attitudes were to sweep away a lot of the characteristics of Albertopolis, including some of its small-town qualities, the nepotism, its interwoven employment and its interests — what we might call its 'cronyism'.
    • 2005, Leo Hollis, Historic London Walks, page 208, One of the first public spaces to be developed in Albertopolis was the garden of the RHS,[Royal Horticultural Society] yet it did not last long at this location.

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