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America's Hat etymology From the jocular image of Canada as a hat worn by the United States on its northern border.
proper noun: {{en-proper noun}}
  1. (informal, humorous) Canada.
    • 2006, 1 July, Max C. Webster III, Happy Canada Day,!original/,, “A tip o' the hat to those in America's Hat.”
    • 2008, 10 December, Tom Lake, Re: dell's monitor bad pixel policy?,!original/,, “We're smug in our superiority in knowing how to spell tire, color (or any other word the Brits stick an unnecessary "u" in) and knowing that in the World Series, the World consists only of the USA and America's Hat (Canada).”
    • 2010, Brandi Panter, "Editor analyzes status of current music videos", The Daily Beacon (University of Tennessee), Volume 114, Issue 14, 20 July 2010, page 5: Broken Social Scene, one of the coolest things that America's Hat (you may know it better as Canada) has exported since the mullet and maple syrup.

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