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Angelina {{wikipedia}} {{wikipedia}}
proper noun: {{en-proper noun}}
  1. (astronomy) Short for 64 Angelina, a main belt asteroid.
  2. A given name, an Italian diminutive of Angela.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang) A young, inexperienced hobo (of either gender).
    • 2009, Karen Schwabach, The Hope Chest (page 50) He had a plug of tobacco fixed firmly in his left cheek and talked around it in fluent hobo slang. "You Angelinas lookin' to catch a blind?" he said as Violet and Myrtle stood on the platform in Penn Station…
    • 2011, Josh Mack, The Hobo Handbook You'll like yourself better for it in the end, and when the next optimistic “Angelina” saunters in fresh from the rails looking for some work, he may benefit from your good conduct.
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