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Angelite etymology Angel + ite
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang) A fan of the television series Angel (1999 TV series).
    • 2001, 1 January, Tim Bruening, 1st Post Of 3rd Millennium!,!original/,, “Dear Buffyites and Angelites:<br /><br />Happy 3rd Millennium and 21st Century!”
    • 2003, 7 March, Mark Stevens, Re: SMG leaving Buffy :(,!original/,, “Probably as a result of the majority of diehard Angelites having already seen it on Sky and/or bought the video sets.”
    • 2009, Mary Kirby-Diaz, "Buffy, Angel, and the Creation of Virtual Communities", in Buffy and Angel Conquer the Internet: Essays on Online Fandom (ed. Mary Kirby-Diaz), McFarland & Company (2009), ISBN 9780786442058, page 18: Although Internet communities are virtual, it is the hypothesis of this paper that the virtcom can become a real community, by means of which Buffyites and Angelites can regularly interact.
  • Whedonite

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