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Annie Oakley etymology Many complimentary tickets had holes punched in them to prevent recipients from reselling them; in this way, they resembled the playing cards that sharpshooter Annie Oakley shot holes in as part of her act, and so were named after her.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (US, slang, possibly dated) A complimentary ticket, a free ticket; a comp.
    • 1944 August 28, John Bainbridge, S. Hurok, in Life (magazine), volume 17, number 9, page 57: The prince and princess of Belgium happened to be [...] in Detroit. Hurok sent them a pair of passes [...]. The concert was a sellout, Hurok cleared $4,000, and several days later received a polite note from the prince's equerry expressing Their Highnesses' regret at not having been able to use the Annie Oakleys.

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