The Alternative English Dictionary: a leopard cannot change its spots

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a leopard cannot change its spots etymology Ultimately from Jeremiah 13:23 of the King James Bible (see Quotations)
proverb: {{head}}
  1. One cannot change one's own nature.
    • 1597, , Act i, Scene 1 (First Folio): King. Lyons make Leopards tame.Mowbray. Yea but not change his spots.
    • 1611, , 13:23: Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?
    • 1820, , Chapter 32: End now all unkindness. Let us put the Jew to ransom, since the leopard will not change his spots, and a Jew he will continue to be.
    • 1918, , : The leopard cannot change his spots, old boy.

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