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actionfest etymology action + fest
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (informal) A film, video game, or other such story, that is full of action.
    • 1976, Jon Tuska, Vicki Piekarski, and Karl Thiede (editors), Close Up: The Contract Director, Scarecrow Press, ISBN 9780810809611, page 205: Exploding oil fields, trains bursting through tunnels in the midst of an avalanche, plane collisions, fights and leaps of all sorts punctuate the non-stop actionfest [=].
    • 1997 July 2, Megadee406 (username), "Re: Cathy's Top Ten Good (and Bad) Things From Season Four (LONG, like this s..."{{SIC}}, in, Usenet: I'm especially worried at the rumors that the [X-Files television] show and movie will be totally seperate{{SIC}} from each other. Is this going to be an actionfest for non-fans?
    • 2004, , Manhwa Mania: How to Draw Korean Comics, Watson-Guptill, ISBN 978-0-8230-2976-1, page 112: … to decide on an approach that most effectively tells the story. Perhaps the story is crying out to be an actionfest. Maybe it doesn’t need action at all, but suspense and mood.
    • 2004 August 23, Ian Galbraith (username), "Re: Kill Bill", in aus.dvd, Usenet: 2 great films. KB1 [=, Volume 1] is an actionfest, KB2 is more dramatic.
    • 2007 Winter, "Dads Game Too!" (video game review) Windows Vista: The Official Magazine, Future US, Inc., ISSN 1933-6608, page 51: In this mature-rated actionfest [=], players modify and upgrade an armored suit for cloaking, extreme strength, and other abilities.

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