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adder pronunciation
  • (US) /ˈæd.ɚ/
  • {{rhymes}}
etymology 1 From Middle English addere, misdivision of naddere, from Old English nǣdre, nǣddre, from Proto-Germanic *nēdrǭ, *nadrǭ (compare West Frisian njirre, Dutch adder, German Natter, Otter), from pre-Germanic *néh₁treh₂ 〈*néh₁treh₂〉, variant of Proto-Indo-European *n̥h₁trih₂ 〈*n̥h₁trih₂〉 (compare Welsh neidr, Latin natrīx ‘watersnake’), from *sneh₁- 〈*sneh₁-〉 (compare Dutch naaien). More at needle.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (obsolete) A snake.
  2. A name loosely applied to various snakes more or less resembling the viper; a viper.
  3. (chiefly, British) A small venomous serpent of the genus Vipera. The {{vern}} is the {{taxlink}}. The puff adder of Africa are species of the genus {{taxlink}}.
  4. (US, Canada) Any of several small nonvenomous snakes resembling the adder, such as the milk snake.
  5. The sea-stickleback or adder-fish.
etymology 2 {{-er}}.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. Someone who or something which performs arithmetic addition; a machine for adding numbers.
  2. Something which add or increase. They sought out cost adders with an eye toward eliminating them.
  • dared
  • dread
  • readd

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