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addict pronunciation
  • (noun)
    • {{enPR}}, /ˈædɪkt/
  • (verb)
    • {{enPR}}, /əˈdɪkt/
    • {{rhymes}}
etymology From Latin addictus, past participle of addīcō, from ad- + dīcō
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. A person who is addicted, especially to a harmful drug
    • He is an addict when it comes to chocolate cookies.
  2. An adherent or fan (of something)
Synonyms: (person who is addicted) junkie (one addicted to a drug), slave, (adherent or fan) adherent, aficionado, devotee, enthusiast, fan, habitue, See also
verb: {{en-verb}}
  1. To cause someone to become addicted, especially to a harmful drug
  2. To involve oneself in something habitually, to the exclusion of almost anything else.
    • {{rfdate}}, John Evelyn They addict themselves to the civil law.
    • {{rfdate}} Francis Beaumont & He is addicted to his study.
    • {{rfdate}} Adventurer That part of mankind that addict their minds to speculations.
    • {{rfdate}} Thomas Fuller His genius addicted him to the study of antiquity.
    • {{rfdate}}, Thomas Babington Macaulay A man gross ... and addicted to low company.
  3. (obsolete) To adapt; to make suitable; to fit.
    • {{rfdate}} John Evelyn
    • The land about is exceedingly addicted to wood, but the coldness of the place hinders the growth.
Synonyms: (cause someone to become addicted, especially to a harmful drug) get (someone) hooked, (devote) consecrate, dedicate, devote, (adapt) adapt, fit
  • didact

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