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adultivity etymology adult + ity
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (humorous) The state or quality of being an adult; majority.
    • 1996 5 May, David X. Cohen, "Much Apu About Nothing", episode 7-23 of The Simpsons, 00:11:46-00:11:59: Kearney: Good evening, young man. My name is Charles Norwood. Furthermore to this beer, I would also like three of your finest, cheapest cigars. Here's my ID which confirms my adultivity.
    • 1999, 16 May, Eric NRTJ Roberts, Re: EASY MONEY,!original/,, “Also, just so we can verify your adultivity, please give us your credit card number and expiration date...”
    • 2000, 9 December, Green Hell, I need a lab in the US that will develop erotic subject matter,!original/alt.movies.cinematography.super8/P2ub0VNUGHQ/tnCFoPIPSV0J, alt.movies.cinematography.super8, “All the 'performers' were of legal consenting adultivity, and I could easily track them down if I needed to get any sort of signed statement to verify their age.”

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