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noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (British, informal) dessert What are we having for afters, Mum? I really want ice cream...
  2. (informal) The festivities held after a wedding meal. To keep costs down at our wedding, we only had family at the banquet, but invited all our friends to the afters.
  3. (British, Irish, informal, sport) fighting or arguing off the ball or when play has stopped
    • 2010 David Lewis South Africa v England - as it happened: Proteas rip into top order as tourists flounder Daily Mail (16 January 2010): 42-2: From the other end Strauss has a bit of afters with Morne Morkel after yet another bouncer raps him on the gloves.
    • 2012 Nine-man Harps crushed in Wexford Donegal News (12 May 2012): Clarke was dismissed in the sixty-seventh minute ... for overly enthusiastic afters with one of the Wexford players.
  • farest, faster, strafe

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