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ageable etymology age + able
adjective: {{en-adj}}
  1. Capable of being age; suitable for ageing.
    • 2009, Wine Enthusiast (volume 23, issues 1-7, page 91) An ageable wine with great character and poise.
  2. (dialect, informal, dated) Getting on in years; fairly old.
    • 1842, Great Britain. Parliament, House of Commons Papers (volume 12, page 456) I received your letter by the bearer, and in reply to it I have to state that my father is an ageable man now, and not able to attend to the time appointed by your Honour.
    • 1932, Julia Mood Peterkin, Bright Skin (page 39) She looked like an ageable woman but Wes was young and supple as a boy.
    • 2009, Sara F. Munday, Becoming Myself: A Passage of Grace (page 77) They had no children, and they were getting to be up in years—“ageable” as Took described it.

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