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etymology 1 Originated 1730–40 from Latin āla.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (zoology) A wing or winglike structure.
  2. (anatomy) A winglike anatomical process or part, especially of bone.
  3. (botany) The flattened border of some stems, fruits, and seeds, or one of the two side petal of certain flowers in the pea family.
  4. (architecture) In ancient Rome, a small room opening into a larger room or courtyard.
etymology 2 From French à la, by way of its English derivation a la.
preposition: {{en-prep}}
  1. (colloquial) alternative form of a la
    • 2006,, Film review: The film is told in reverse ala Memento.
    • 2008, Film Threat, Film review: [...] interactive plasma screens with flashing digits and what not, ala “Minority Report,” [...]
    • 2011, The Washington Post’s blog The Fix, Politics article: [...] we might be getting to the point where Palin is a bona fide liability - ala Pelosi - for the GOP.
    • 2011, The Huffington Post, Business article: [...] the NYSE didn't implode ala Merrill [...]
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