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alliance {{rfc}} {{wikipedia}} Alternative forms: alliaunce etymology From Old French aliance (French: alliance). pronunciation
  • (US) /əˈlaɪ.əns/
  • {{rhymes}}
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (uncountable) The state of being allied. matrimonial alliances; an alliance between church and state, or between two countries
  2. (countable) The act of allying or uniting.
  3. (countable) A union or connection of interests between families, states, parties, etc., especially between families by marriage and states by compact, treaty, or league.
  4. (countable) Any union resembling that of families or states; union by relationship in qualities; affinity.
    • C. J. Smith the alliance of the principles of the world with those of the gospel
    • Mansel the alliance … between logic and metaphysics
  5. (with the definite article) The persons or parties allied. {{rfquotek}}
Synonyms: (union by relationship in qualities) connection, affinity, union, (act of allying) union, (persons or parties allied) coalition, league, confederation, team (informal)
related terms:
  • ally
verb: {{en-verb}}
  1. (obsolete) To connect or unite by alliance; to ally.
  • ancillae
  • canaille

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