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amby etymology Shortening of ambidextrous, after the pattern of rightie and leftie.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (informal) An ambidextrous person.
    • 1997, 11 April, RP Pelletier, Re: Burton Slide Test,, rec.skiing.snowboard, “Next time you have an amby, tell them quick like to close their eyes and serve a volleyball. Everybody prefers one side for something that they do, it's just a matter if syncing that something with a good choice to start the unknown with.”
    • 1999, Cliff Gromer (ed.), "Great Stuff", Popular Mechanics, August 1999: The slim design makes for easy one-hand opening for righties, lefties and ambies.
    • 1999, March 31, \"R&B\" [username], Righty? Or lefty?,,, “Are you a righty? Or a lefty? Or -- gasp! -- an "amby?" (If you're an "amby," then which way do you play?).”
    • 2001, Rita Robinson, Discover Yourself Through Palm Reading, New Page Books (2001), ISBN 1564145425, page 41: Medical scientists speculate that lefties and ambies exercise their brains more and grow more cells.

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