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anaconda {{wikipedia}} {{wikispecies}} etymology From the Sinhala හෙනකඳයා 〈හෙනකඳයා〉, a species of constrictor found in Sri Lanka. pronunciation
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noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. Any of various large nonvenomous snake of the genus Eunectes, found mainly in northern South America. Their length can grow to as much as 5 m (15 ft).
  2. (by extension, slang, vulgar) Penis.
    • 1992, , "", : My anaconda don't want none / Unless you got buns, hon
    • 2000, Eric Jerome Dickey, Liar's Game, Signet (2002), ISBN 9781101142998, unnumbered page: Womack went into the bedroom and checked on his two boys. When I headed to the bathroom to drain my anaconda, I caught a profile of him standing in the doorway, smiling down on the little rascals.
    • 2006, Christopher Darrick Odom, Visa Versa: Black Men Suffer in the Dating Game Too!, iUniverse (2006), ISBN 9780595403516, page xi: I have chased after white women to find they only wanted to dance with my anaconda and weren't interested in me as a partner.
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Synonyms: (penis) see also .

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