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anally inflicted death sentence etymology Backronym; with reference to a means of contracting HIV via anal sex and to the fatal, virtual incurability of the disease.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (extremely, offensive) AIDS; acquired immune deficiency syndrome.
    • 1994, Jory Farr, Moguls and Madmen: The Pursuit of Power in Popular Music (Simon & Schuster; ISBN 0671739468, 9780671739461), page 135: No, in Canada gays had marched in the streets protesting the group’s song “AIDS” (Anally Inflicted Death Sentence), which boasted such memorable lyrics as: …
    • 1999 November 9, “Poseidon”, (Google group): Stormtroopers of Death???: anally inflicted death sentence AIDS. Oh sorry that’s MOD, same thing though
    • 2006 February 27, “”, (Google group): South Dakota Nears Abortion Band: WTF? Why would I expose myself to anally inflicted death sentence (AIDS)? Of course, I’m being cynical, but homosexual sex has a much higher statistical chance of catching a deadly STD

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