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anecdata etymology {{blend}}
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (usually, humorous or pejorative) Anecdotal evidence.
    • 1992, Paul Solman on MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour show #4285 (March 6, 1992), "Guessing Game": A handful of stores, just one mall, not what you'd call a statistically significant sample. In fact, the most recent government report was that retail sales rose in January, which just goes to show why the journalist's approach to reality, what you might call "anecdata," may be the flimsiest form of forecasting.
    • 1997, Chris Doherty, in uw.general Anecodotal evidence strongly suggests that this is just the high profile expression of a much larger problem of misogynistic violence. Ah, yes. Anecdata. Fortunately, real honest studies which are peer-reviewed and critiqued suggest otherwise.
    • 2003, Justin Hughes, “Legal Pressures in Intellectual Property Law,” in Role of Scientific and Technical Data in the Public Domain That is one of those stories that I call “anecdata”—these horror stories over which we try to construct theories about how something is or is not working in IP law and policy.
    • 2004, David J Windisch, in Might even try this anecdata in Roy's Toy3, to see if its gui-ed algorithm-ized academic mumblings prove this scandalous anecdata.
    • 2005, Lindsay Endell, in uk.misc I have read interviews with people (yeah, I know, anecdata) who have said that they wanted an apology for a mistake being made and ended up going to court over it. And invariably winning.

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