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angel {{wikipedia}} Alternative forms: aynjel (Jamaican English) etymology From Middle English angel, aungel, ængel, engel, from xno angele, angle and Old English ængel, engel, possibly via an early Proto-Germanic *angiluz but ultimately from Latin angelus, from Ancient Greek ἄγγελος 〈ángelos〉. Cognate with Scots angel, Saterland Frisian Ängel, Western Frisian ingel, Dutch engel, Low German engel, German Engel, Swedish ängel, Icelandic engill, Gothic 𐌰𐌲𐌲𐌹𐌻𐌿𐍃 〈𐌰𐌲𐌲𐌹𐌻𐌿𐍃〉. pronunciation
  • {{enPR}}, /ˈeɪn.dʒəl/
  • {{audio}}
  • {{audio}}
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. A divine and supernatural messenger from a deity, or other divine entity.
    • Ben Jonson The dear good angel of the Spring, / The nightingale.
  2. (Abrahamic tradition) The lowest order of angels, below virtue.
  3. A selfless person. You made me breakfast in bed, you little angel.
  4. (military slang) An altitude, measured in thousands of feet. Climb to angels sixty.
  5. An affluent individual who provides capital for a startup, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity.
  6. A minister or pastor of a church, as in the Seven Asiatic churches.
    • Bible, Rev. ii. 1 Unto the angel of the church of Ephesus write.
  7. (obsolete) Attendant spirit; genius; demon. {{rfquotek}}
  8. (historical) An ancient gold coin of England, bearing the figure of the archangel Michael, and varying in value from six shilling and eightpence to ten shillings.
Synonyms: errand-ghost
  • cherub, minion, power, principality, seraph, throne
related terms: {{rel-top}}
  • evangelist
  • evangelize
  • Hawaiian: ʻānela
verb: {{en-verb}}
  1. (transitive, slang) To support by donating money.
    • {{quote-journal}}
  • angle, Angle
  • Elgan
  • Galen
  • glean

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