The Alternative English Dictionary: angle-shoot

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alternate forms:
  • angle shoot
verb: {{en-verb}}
  1. To fire or shoot from an angle.
    • School Activities - Volumes 29-31, 1957 , page 294 , “After the bowler has acquired a smooth delivery he is shown how to angle-shoot for spares, the essentials of spot and line bowling, and such new techniques as finger-tip control. ”
    • Films and Filming - Volume 13 , 1966 , page 8 , “He recalls, and then surpasses, his visual diversions for 'Can't Buy Me Love' in A Hard Day's Night when he chop-cuts and angle-shoots his four principal comics during their rendiction of 'Everybody Ought to Have a Maid' ”
  2. (poker, slang) To use a trick that is not explicit prohibited by the rules, but which is used to gain unfair advantage.
    • Ultimate Guide to Poker Tells: Devastate Opponents by Reading Body Language , Randy Burgess , 2006 , page 149 , 157243807X , “The floor will rule one way or another; the point isn't so much to win the ruling as to put the spotlight on the offending player so he's less likely to angle-shoot on future hands. ”
  3. (slang, by extension) To bend the rules; to behave in a way that is unethical but not illegal.
    • Blackjack Essays , Mason Malmuth , 1996 , page 205 , 1880685051 , “I like to think that I used my superior skill to come out on top; I don't like the idea that I had to angle-shoot to take home more money than I came with. ”
    • U.S. News & World Report - Volume 131, Issues 19-27 , 2002 , page 116 , “Or perhaps, unlike many firms looking for fast dividends from the disaster, Krispy Kreme didn't try to angle-shoot the tragedy. It hasn't changed its approach to business— which may well have something to do with its success. ”
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (botany) A side shoot that grows from the main stem stem.
    • Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh , 1934 , “The fact that for the greater part of its length the angle-shoot has the same structure as a normal stem is what would be expected; it does not, in my opinion, prove that the former is not a transformed rhizophore. ”
  2. (slang, poker) {{alt form}}
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