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angle shoot
verb: {{en-verb}}
  1. {{alt form}}
    • Rod and Gun in Canada - Volume 66 , 1964 , page 185 , “Trap, although it includes some angle shooting, calls for all the targets to be thrown out ahead of the gunner at a minimum distance of 16 yards, each man firing five shots from five stations arranged in a semi-circle behind the trap house. ”
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noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (botany) {{alt form}}
    • Manipulation of Fruiting , C. J. Wright , 2013 , page 346 , 1483164462 , “Removal of the young developing leaves below the apical bud on the main shoot, especially when done twice, has increased branching and produced wider angle shoots, and enhanced feathering for slender spindle trees ”
  2. (slang, poker) {{alt form}}
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  3. A session of shoot at an angle or a shot taken in such a session.
    • The Fleet Air Arm in the Second World War , Dr Ben Jones , 2012 , 147240422X , “The unserviceable Sea Hurricane airframe on board was placed on deck for blast trials in a low angle shoot and sustained no damage while in the centre of the deck. ”
    • Elisabeth Sladen: The Autobiography , Elisabeth Sladen , 2011 , 1845136853 , “So off I went to find a piece of scenery to rest on while they got on with preparing for another angle shoot of the sacrifice setup. ”

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