The Alternative English Dictionary: angle shooting

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angle shooting
verb: {{head}}
  1. present participle of angle shoot
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang) Unethical behavior that is not clearly prohibited.
    • {{quote-news}}
    • Lessons From The Felt: Advanced Strategies And Tactics For No-Limit Hold'Em Poker Tournaments , David Apostolico , 2006 , 0818407360 , “Player One then turned his cards back over and got really upset accusing Player Two of angle shooting in order to see his cards. ”
  2. (slang) The act of shoot at an angle.
    • Shooting outdoor videos , Donald C. Steffens , 1993 , page 49 , “Another interesting technique to use is angle shooting. Action shot obliquely appears slower than the same action viewed at right angles ”
    • Dictionary of Film Terms: The Aesthetic Companion to Film Art , Frank Eugene Beaver , 2006 , page 11 , 0820472980 , “Early sets tended to be theatrical and flat, and, therefore, were limited in the dimensionality that would have allowed angle shooting. ”

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