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noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (informal) anthropology
    • {{quote-news}}
    • 1992, Ann Wilson, Fearful Symmetry, , , , “Unlikely as it seemed, he might somehow return to the Empire, and if that happened, any information he could bring back would be valuable to the socio and anthro specialists. ”
  2. (informal) An anthropomorphic character.
    • 2012, Lindsay Cibos, ‎Jared Hodges, Draw More Furries: How to Create Anthropomorphic Fantasy Creatures Extra animals add complexity, but the benefit is that you're more likely to create a unique new character. There's hundreds of wolf anthros, but how many zebra-striped pig-tigers are there?
adjective: {{en-adj}}
  1. (informal) anthropomorphic
    • 2004, Brad Guigar, The everything cartooning book (page 146) They are to anthro cartoonists what Trekkies are to Star Trek, gathering for special conventions that feature anthro cartoons and cartoonists.

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