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antiquedom etymology From antique + dom.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (rare, colloquial) The world of antique or of things old; antiquity.
    • 1915, Life: The exotic atmosphere of the whole queer underworld of antiquedom and of collector-cranks spicily pervades the hook. Yet this, after all, is but the sauce of the dish. The viand itself is the exasperating yet lovable humanness of humanity.
    • 1935, The Magazine Antiques: To such folk as qualify in the class of small collectors I recommend excursions into the obscure bypaths of antiquedom.
    • 1980, Ernie Pyle, Images of Brown County: He really doesn't care much aboutthe furniture in his house. It is not the possession of antiques that fascinates him, but the routing out, the discovering, the acquiring. And every now and then he branches off into some other form of antiquedom.
    • 1990, John Carmody, Roman Catholicism: An Introduction: Without them, Christianity could not be, Catholicism would shrivel into antiquedom.
    • 1998, Leonard I. Sweet, 11 Genetic Gateways to Spiritual Awakening: Why is a watch that does nothing but keep time an endangered species, doomed to antiquedom? Why is the Dick Tracy watch already here?
related terms:
  • antiquehood

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