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any fule kno etymology From as any fule kno (misspelled form of as any fool knows), a catchphrase of fictional schoolboy Nigel Molesworth, subject of a series of books by Geoffrey Willans.
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  1. (humorous) Any fool knows; it is well known.
    • 1995, Jim Ainsworth, ‎Consumers' Association, Good Food Guide 1996 (page 324) The Manoir is expensive, any fule kno that. But there is little point, judging from reports, in worrying what else you might have done with the £25 charged for a first course of wild salmon and caviare.
    • 1999, Gwyn Headley, ‎Wim Meulenkamp, Follies, grottoes & garden buildings (page 430) Mow Cop is in Cheshire as any fule kno, but in the great tradition of smaller copies of greater buildings (vide Corris, Blackpool, Lichfield, Kiparrissia) there is a model sham ruin inspired by [it]…
    • 2003, Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly (page 402) Aside from the observation that, as any fule kno, rockets launch satellites, but themselves fall to earth, one wonders why this was ever considered to be helpful.

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