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anythingarian etymology anything + arian, by analogy with unitarian, trinitarian, etc. pronunciation
  • (RP) {{enPR}}, /ˌɛnɪθɪŋˈɛəɹɪən/
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (derogatory) A person who does not profess any particular creed; an indifferentist.
    • ante 1704, The Works of , volume 3, page 97 Such bifarious anythingarians, that always make their interest the standard of their religion.
    • 1738, , Polite Conversation, dialogue 1 Lady Smart. What Religion is he of?Ld. Sparkiſh. Why he is an Anythingarian.Lady Anſw. I believe, he has his Religion to chuſe, my Lord.
    • 1850, , , chapter 22 They made puir Robbie Burns an anythingarian with their blethers.

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