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app etymology Shortening. pronunciation
  • (UK) /ap/
  • (US) /æp/
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (computing) An application (program), especially a small one designed for a mobile device.
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    • JavaScript application cookbook, page xi, Jerry Bradenbaugh, 1999, “So is a spreadsheet app, but I'm not going to put those on a web site any time soon.”
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  2. (informal) appetizer
    • 2007, Evelyn Spence, Explorer's Guide Colorado's Classic Mountain Towns The food is some of Breck's best: apps like sweet potato gnocchi with smoked chicken and sage cream…
    • 2009, Robin Asbell, New Vegetarian If you lay out a platter of these exciting, beautiful vegetarian appetizers, the other apps will pale in comparison.
    • 2010, Bill Allen, Grillin', Chillin', and Swillin' (page 1) This is not to say that we only serve apps at dinner parties. Quite the contrary; but for smaller gatherings, good appetizers can distinguish you as a host who puts more thought and effort into his or her party menu. Better yet, most apps are relatively easy to make…
  3. (military) application not a computer program
  4. (sports) an appearance in a game (e.g., a player with 10 apps in a season played 10 times)
  • pap, PAP

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