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apricot {{wikipedia}} {{wikispecies}} {{commons}} etymology Alteration (under the influence of French abricot) of apricock, itself an alteration (under influence of Latin apricum) of abrecock, from dialectal Catalan abrecoc, abercoc, variant of standard albercoc, from Arabic برقوق 〈brqwq〉, from gkm βερικοκκία 〈berikokkía〉 (pl.), from Ancient Greek πραικόκιον 〈praikókion〉, from ll (persicum) praecoquum (pl.), (mālum) praecoquum, neuter of Latin (persicum) praecox, literally 'over-ripe peach'. pronunciation
  • (UK) /ˈeɪprɪkɒt/
    • {{audio}}
  • (US) /ˈeɪprɪkɒt/
    • {{audio}}
  • (US) /ˈæprɪkɒt/
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noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. A round sweet and juicy stone fruit, resembling peach or plum in taste, with a yellow-orange flesh, lightly fuzzy skin and a large seed inside.
  2. The apricot tree, Prunus armeniaca
  3. A pale yellow-orange colour, like that of an apricot fruit. {{color panel}}
  4. A dog with an orange-coloured coat.
  5. (sniper slang) the junction of the brain and brain stem on a target, used as an aiming point to ensure a one-shot kill.
  6. (slang, usually in plural) A testicle.
adjective: {{en-adj}}
  1. Of a pale yellowish-orange colour, like that of an apricot.
  • aprotic

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