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arcader etymology arcade + er
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (informal) One who plays arcade game.
    • 1983, Popular Mechanics (volume 160, number 2, August 1983, page 88) The arcaders have it easy. All they need to do is drop a quarter into a machine to find out how good the latest shoot 'em up game really is. But for the home computer owner, it's another story.
    • 1990, Compute: Volume 12, Issues 6-9 Bruce Lee Lives will take even advanced arcaders hours to complete. Software Toolworks' Troy Heere offers some hints not found in the manual to help you get through the game a little faster.
    • 2010, Steven Levy Hackers (page 414) Jerry Jewell was on the scene with Sirius' two most awesome arcaders. On-Line would arrive tomorrow. After the presentation, Jewell bragged to one of the competitors that one of his men might well be the world's best videogamer.

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