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aren't etymology are + n't pronunciation
  • /ɑː(r)nt/
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  1. contraction of are not
  2. (colloquial) Spelling replacement of the homonym an’t, a contraction of “am not”, used e.g. in the construction aren’t I?
    • 1800 , To Win Or To Die: A Tale of the Klondike Gold Craze , George Manville , Fenn , I’m a nasty-tempered dog if any one tries to take my bone away; aren’t I, my sons?
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Synonyms: (are not) ain’t (slang), (am not) ain’t (slang), amn’t (Scottish and Irish dialect)
  • Aren’t as a contraction of “am not” is used most often in the question aren’t I? (= am I not?). In the non-interrogative form, the standard contraction of “I am not” is “I’m not”.
  • (are not) are
  • (am not) am
  • antre, earnt, Netra

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