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artfuck etymology art + fuck
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang, vulgar, pejorative) A pretentious artist or person interested in the arts.
    • 1999, Maggie Estep, Soft Maniacs, Simon & Schuster (1999), ISBN 9780684863337, page 121: I even had the balls to hit Barneys, which actually wasn't that remarkable since, the way I look, it's hard to tell if I'm some deliberately disheveled successful artfuck or just a down-and-out guy, {{…}}
    • 2004, Christopher R. Weingarten, "Spotlight: Liars", CMJ New Music Report, 23 February 2004: Since then, Liars severed ties with both their rhythm section and their metropolitan ways, deserting a borough infested with unwashed artfucks for the forests of New Jersey.
    • 2008, 13 December, nuny, Re: Something that Simply Mystifies Meeeeeee,!original/misc.writing/NdDm8o52oBU/6MPgyEvZ_HkJ, misc.writing, “Manson = just another pretentious artfuck. Bowie's version is a pathetic attempt to imitate Manson, who apparently thought he was parodying Morrison, not grokking that Morrison was parodying actual drinking songs.”
Synonyms: artfag

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