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noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang) Whimsical term for ass in the sense of buttocks and in related idioms. That runner had some nice assage. That song kicks major assage. That song sucks major assage.
    • 2003:Pat Hayes, blog entry for August 9, 2003 in PatHayes.Net Nice tattoed Baby Dolls- Nice Assage- The Thong Zone! Saweeet Mary
    • 2002:LDVDG in a captured IM chat [S]he's a skinny white girl. [T]he chances for nice assage are slim.
    • 2001: — blog entry October 31, 2001 The Bostonians (from Boston College), sucks [sic] major assage. Okay, well, they don't completely suck major assage, but they still weren't that good.
    • 1996:Orgillon in Show Up Early This Show Gonna Kick Some Major Assage.
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  • ass

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