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cum gutters etymology From cum + gutter, by analogy with an actual gutter on an occasion when a man ejaculates on his sex partner's navel and the semen flows along the pelvic lines as if they were gutters.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (anatomy, vulgar) The iliac furrows
    • 2009 Brad Saunders, "Men I might have known" It mingled with his sweat and ran in little currents along the cum gutters formed by his abs.
    • 2010. Timothy McGivney "Zombielicious", Page 181 Stretching my arms above my head, I notice all the cum pooling along Walt's abs—his “cum gutters” are overflowing.
    • Damon Suede, "Hot Head", Page 97 Dante's sweat-slick chest was rising and falling rapidly, laced with thick semen. More ran in the grooves of his abdominal muscles. “Cum gutters,” Dante called them.
    That girl is such a ho you can almost smell the jizz on her cum gutters.

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