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imperial {{wikipedia}} etymology From Old French imperial, from Latin imperiālis, from imperium + -ālis, from imperō, from im- + parō. pronunciation
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adjective: {{en-adj}}
  1. Related to an empire, emperor, or empress.
    • Shakespeare the imperial diadem of Rome
  2. Relating to the British imperial system of measurement.
  3. Very grand or fine.
  4. Of special, superior, or unusual size or excellence.
Synonyms: imperial system, (humorous) old money
related terms: {{top2}}
  • emperor
  • empire
  • empress
  • imperious
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. A bottle of wine (usually Bordeaux) containing 6 liter of fluid, eight times the volume of a standard bottle.
  2. (paper, printing) A print-paper size measuring 30 by 22 inches.
  3. (card games, uncountable) A card game differing from piquet in some minor details, and in having a trump.
  4. (card games, countable) Any of several combinations of cards which score in this game.
  • A Champagne or Burgundy wine bottle with the same volume would be called a Methuselah.

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