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niggardly {{wikipedia}} etymology From niggard + -ly. pronunciation
  • (UK) /ˈnɪɡədli/
  • (US) /ˈnɪɡɚdli/
adjective: {{en-adj}}
  1. (now rare) Withholding for the sake of meanness; stingy, miserly.
    • Bishop Hall Where the owner of the house will be bountiful, it is not for the steward to be niggardly.
    • 1919, , , They were not niggardly, these tramps, and he who had money did not hesitate to share it among the rest.
    • 1958, , The Affluent Society (1998 edition), ISBN 9780395925003, p. 186: This manifests itself in an implacable tendency to provide an opulent supply of some things and a niggardly yield of others.
Synonyms: miserly, stingy., See also
adverb: {{en-adv}}
  1. (now rare) In a parsimonious way; sparingly, stingily.
    • {{RQ:RBrtn AntmyMlncly}}, New York 2001, p.105: because many families are compelled to live niggardly, exhaust and undone by great dowers, none shall be given at all, or very little […].
  • This term may cause offence as it is easily misinterpreted to be an adverbial form of the racial epithet nigger.''[ Racist Language, Real and Imagined]'', Steven Pinker. February 2, 1999. The New York Times (editorial). The two words are etymologically unrelated.

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