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niggergram etymology nigger + gram
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang, offensive, ethnic slur) The informal circulation of gossip by black people.
    • 1974, Fiction (volumes 3-5, page 7) Porke is unaware of the fact that one of his most trusted slaves, through niggergrams, is keeping the four informed of Porke 's every move.
    • 2006, Pamela Mordecai, Pink Icing and Other Stories (page 32) Truth to tell, the niggergram can always count on Pansy and the boys.
    • 2007, Raoul Pantin, Days of Wrath: The 1990 Coup in Trinidad and Tobago From the gunmen all over that television station that Friday night, there was almost a running commentary, a grapevine, a constant up to date “niggergram,” to use the Trinidad word, on events at the Red House downtown …

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