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snazziness etymology snazzy + -ness.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (informal) Elegance in manner of dress; stylishness; flashiness.
    • 2007, Jason Sheftell, "Urban stylists," New York Daily News, 24 Aug. (retrieved 8 Jan. 2009): "We wanted to give the wallpaper some snazziness and motion," says Ha, laughing.
    • 2008, Marty Katz, "Ultrathin Laptop Starts Up Quickly and Comes With a Brand Name That Gamers Love," New York Times, 12 Jun. (retrieved 8 Jan. 2009): And, for elevated snazziness, the black carbon-fiber-weave case can be customized with wild designs, automotive paints or, for something Apple may never match, it can be chromed.
  2. (informal) Excellence; cleverness, ingenuity, or adeptness in behavior, operation, or execution.
    • 2001, Roben Farzad, "Why Shareholders Give TiVo the HeaveHo,", 28 Jun. (retrieved 8 Jan 2009): There's a painful disparity between the snazziness of TiVo's technology and the decrepitude of its balance sheet.
Synonyms: (elegance in manner of dress; stylishness; flashiness) pizazz, dash, flair
related terms: {{rel-top3}}
  • snazzily
  • snazztastic
  • snazz up
  • snazzy

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