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culture vulture
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (informal, humorous) A person with a rapacious, possibly forced, interest in the art.
    • 1984, Elizabeth Mary Wilkinson, Michael Hamburger, Goethe Revisited: A Collection of Essays ...we can see that this is a man of the living theatre who was not interested in a culture-vulture audience.
    • 2001, Christine Olga Kiebuzinska, Intertextual Loops in Modern Drama ...a failed composer who thinks himself to be Webern's successor, and his pretentious wife, a culture vulture.
    • 2008, Susie Whalley, Lisa Jackson, Running Made Easy Be a culture vulture by going to the ballet, opera or a classical concert.
cum pronunciation
  • (UK) /kʌm/, [kʰɐm], {{enPR}}
  • (US) /kʌm/, [kʰʌm], {{enPR}}
  • {{rhymes}}
  • {{homophones}}
etymology 1 From Latin cum.
preposition: {{en-prep}}
  1. Used in indicating a thing with two roles, functions, or natures, or a thing that has changed from one to another. He built a bus-cum-greenhouse that made a bold statement, but the plants in it didn't live very long.
    • {{post}} {{ante}} , Collected Letters: 1926-1950, University of California/Viking (1985), page 31, He is too good an actor to need that sort of tomfoolery: the effect will be far better if he is a credible mining camp elder-cum-publican.
    • {{quote-journal}}
conjunction: {{en-con}}
  1. Used in indicating a thing with two or more roles, functions, or natures, or a thing that has changed from one to another. But instead of being a salesperson cum barista cum waitress merely serving the wordsmiths, I'm one of them, reading her latest baby out loud.
  • {{seeCites}}
etymology 2 Variant of come.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (informal) Semen.
  2. (slang) An ejaculation.
  3. (slang) Female ejaculatory discharge.
Synonyms: (Semen) spunk (chiefly UK), spooge (US), jiz, jizz, jizzum, jism, gism, gissum,, See also
verb: {{en-verb}}
  1. (slang) To have an orgasm, to feel the sensation of an orgasm.
  2. (slang) To ejaculate.
    • {{quote-video }}
Synonyms: See also
  • MUC, UMC
cumball etymology cum + ball
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) Alternate name for the osage orange fruit.
cumball tree etymology See cumball.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) Alternate name for the osage orange tree.
Cumberbabe etymology {{blend}}.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang) A female fan of actor .
    • 2012, Beverley Watts, "Calling all Cumberbitches! Is it Benedict Cumberbatch who's irresistible or is it Sherlock?", Now, 29 March 2012: So is the fantasy to put warmth and cuddly love into this weird detective's life - or is Benedict such a Cumberbabe magnet because he's just a brilliant actor and easy on the eye?
    • 2013, Tom Cole, "Benedict Cumberbatch's Star Trek costumes are so tight 'you can almost see what religion I am'", Radio Times, 8 March 2013: Cumberbabes: brace yourselves. Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed that some of his Star Trek Into Darkness costumes are so tight that, in his words, “you can almost see what religion I am.”
    • 2013, Liz Ferguson, "Twenty years of Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock! What do you think, Cumberbabes?", The Gazette (Montreal), 13 March 2013 (only used in title)
    • {{seemoreCites}}
Synonyms: Cumberbitch (vulgar)
  • Cumberfan, Cumberperson
proper noun: {{en-proper noun}}
  1. {{surname}}
verb: {{en-verb}}
  1. (slang) To expose to actor Benedict Cumberbatch and/or his work.
    • 2012, Victoria Kennedy, "OK, I get it now. Benedict Cumberbatch looked hot on the Bafta red carpet", Now, 29 May 2012: Add *those* topless pictures of him on the beach that we published in Now last week to the mix, and I think I'm starting to get where all you women who want to be Cumberbatched are coming from...
    • 2012, Heather Croteau, "A Guide to Fall TV", Relevant, Issue 59, September/October 2012, page 32: Let's get the elephant in the room out of the way: If you're a die-hard Sherlock fan, you're probably not going to be enthusiastic about another Sherlock Holmes series. Once you've been Cumberbatched, you don't go back.
    • 2013, Linda Barnard, "Toronto, prepare to get Cumberbatched: Benedict Cumberbatch in three TIFF films", Toronto Star, 28 July 2013: The Toronto International Film Festival is about to get Cumberbatched.
Cumberbitch etymology {{blend}}.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang, vulgar) A female fan of actor .
    • 2012, 8 January, Judith Brenan, Re: New series of Sherlock,, rec.arts.mystery, “ But Rik, for the legion of Cumberbitches out there, the sight of Sherlock in his sheet makes up for any plot inconsistencies!”
    • 2012, Rosamund Urwin, "The Benedict Cumberbatch band wagon", London Evening Standard, 20 January 2012: He [Cumberbatch] was with friends, and we debated going over to congratulate him on his performance but deemed it "too stalkery". How we rue the day. She and I were two of the original Cumberbitches, in what is now a nation of Cumberbitches.
    • 2013, Paul Jones, "First look at Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate", RadioTimes, 22 January 2013: Sherlock star Cumberbatch – who also appears as villain John Harrison in JJ Abrams' upcoming Star Trek sequel Into Darkness – has a fervent female following but it's possible even the most die hard Cumberbitch will think twice before pinning this photo to her bedroom wall.
    • {{seemoreCites}}
In an interview with of , Cumberbatch expressed objections to this term, referring to the female fans who've adopted the moniker as "Cumberwomen" or "Cumbergirls" instead. He explained: "It's not even politeness. I won't allow [these fans] to be my bitches. I think it sets feminism back so many notches. You are… Cumberpeople."Caitlin Moran, "[ What’s not to love about Benedict Cumberbatch?]", ''The Times'', 11 May 2013 Synonyms: Cumberbabe
  • Cumberfan, Cumberperson
Cumberfan etymology {{blend}}.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang) A fan of actor .
    • 2012, Ellie Walker-Arnott, "Benedict Cumberbatch's birthday raises thousands for charity", Radio Times, 19 July 2012: Cumberfans from all around the globe donated money in Cumberbatch's name, with the total raised entirely exceeding expectations.
    • 2012, Isobel Finblow, "Review of the year 2012: February", Radio Times, 21 December 2012: Cumberfans would not have long to wait for their next fix as their idol unveiled his new role in Parade’s End, one of the classiest drama’s of 2012.
    • 2013, James White, "Comic-Con 2013: The Sherlock Series 3 Panel", Empire, 19 July 2013: Sadly for the many Cumberfans, neither he nor Martin Freeman were available for an appearance (watch their special video message below), but co-creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss plus producer/Moffat better half Sue Vertue did have the time to talk about the show in general and series three in particular.
    • {{seemoreCites}}
Synonyms: Cumberperson
  • Cumberbabe, Cumberbitch (vulgar)
Cumbermania etymology {{blend}}.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (informal) Enthusiasm for actor .
    • 2012, Paul Simper, "'People thought I was dead'", The Sun, 3 October 2012: While he's grateful for his fans' support since the phenomenal success of Sherlock, Benedict is also very forthright about some of the more intrusive aspects of Cumbermania.
    • 2013, Jack Seale, "Cabin Pressure writer John Finnemore on the joy of radio, crafting comedy - and Benedict Cumberbatch", Radio Times, 9 January 2013: None more so than that of Cumberbatch – since Cabin Pressure was last on Radio 4, series two of Sherlock has put Cumbermania at an even higher pitch.
    • 2013, Emma Daly, "Sherlock: Why we love Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, by the fans", Radio Times, 22 August 2013: Sherlock and Cumbermania may cause women to go mad, but what do the guys think of it all?
    • {{seemoreCites}}
Cumberperson etymology {{blend}}.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang) A fan of actor .
    • 2013, Ellie Walker-Arnott, "Sherlock almost doubles Alibi viewing figures", Radio Times, 24 May 2013: In your quest to get a regular Sherlockfix, hundreds of thousands of 'Cumberpeople' have been switching over to Alibi on Thursday nights to watch repeats of the first series of Sherlock.
    • 2013, Sasha McBrayer, "Latest 'Star Trek' is otherworldly good", Coastal Courier (Hinesville, Georgia), 24 May 2013: Who plays this epic villain? That would be one Benedict Cumberbatch, an English actor who refers to his ever-growing legion of fans as Cumberpeople. Well, sign me up, because I think I am a Cumberperson. I’ve tasted the Kool-Aid, and it’s good.)
    • 2014, Guy Kelly, "7 Benedict Cumberbatch performances you haven't seen but should", The Telegraph, 1 November 2014: He may be one of the most famous actors on the planet, with scores of fervent Cumberpeople in every port, but even Benedict Cumberbatch didn't get to where he is today without a significant amount of hard work.
    • {{seemoreCites}}
Synonyms: Cumberfan
  • Cumberbabe, Cumberbitch (vulgar)
cumbucket etymology From cum + bucket
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang, vulgar) A low, vile person.
    • 1996, Nicholson Baker, The Size of Thoughts: Essays and Other Lumber And there is Joseph Wambaugh (cumbucket, don't know my dick from a dumplin), Saul Bellow (candy kid, cunt-struck), Bernard Malamud (dead-to-the-neck)...
    • 2006, Tim Jon Semmerling, "Evil" Arabs in American popular film Saddam pleads with Satan to help him, and then belittles Satan for his inaction by calling him a "weak, stupid cumbucket."
    • 2008, Andy Botts, Nightmare In Bangkok "I told her she's a worthless cumbucket," he said, as if it was a cool thing to tell her.
  2. (often of a gay or bisexual male) a promiscuous person, especially one allowing many to ejaculate inside them
    • 2006, Tim John Semmerling, "Evil" Arabs in American popular film: orientalist fear Saddam pleads with Satan to help him, and then belittles Satan for his inaction by calling him a "weak, stupid cumbucket."
    • 2010, Gail Dines, Pornland, page xx "Watching the transition from civilian to cumbucket is an amazing thing to watch."
    • 2010, Michael Gleicht, Sarge and the Sailor Boy Look at yourself, you fucking pig. No one wants to fuck you anymore. You are so disgusting. You're trash. You're a cumbucket.
Synonyms: cumdump, cum dumpster
cum catcher Alternative forms: cum-catcher etymology cum + catcher
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang, vulgar, derogatory) A sexually promiscuous person (usu. a female).
    • 1978, Richard Alcock, Hot Rod, Blueboy Library (1978), page 59: "But maybe when I get back, you'll have missed me enough that you'll be ready to talk turkey about making me a real partner, not just a cum-catcher." "You know you're more to me than that, Dieter," Hal said, standing up from the table.
    • 2011, Kola Boof, The Sexy Part of the Bible, Akashic Books (2011), ISBN 9781936070961, page 219: “A bloody cum-catcher!” he cursed. “You'd rather be a whore than a respectable married lady?”
    • 2014, Teri Woods, Predators, Teri Woods Publishing (2014), ISBN 9780985764142, unnumbered page: “I ain't ashamed. I just don't wanna be one of your fly-by-night cum catchers.”
    • {{seemoreCites}}
  2. (slang, vulgar) An object used to catch semen, especially a condom.
    • 1994, Paul Auster, Mr. Vertigo, Penguin Compass (1995), ISBN 9780140231908, unnumbered page: When he finally drifted off, I'd reach down and remove one of my dirty socks. That was my cum-catcher, …
    • 2000, Vincent Carsiti, Richard Chaves, John DiFusco, Eric E. Emerson, Rick Gallavan, Merlin Marston, Harry Stephens, & Sheldon Lettich, Tracers: A Play, Dramatists Play Service (2000), ISBN 9780822211648, page 45: BABY SAN. Fuckin' A, man. I got my cum catcher. (Shows a prophylactic and exits.)
    • 2004, K. Dohmen, Cesspool, iUniverse (2004), ISBN 0595324053, unnumbered page: Do not try and wash the sox, it will only make the rest of the clothes smell funny, and the sox never gets clean after months of being used as a cum catcher.
    • {{seemoreCites}}
Synonyms: (condom) see also .
cum dumpster pronunciation
  • (US) /kʌm dʌmpstɚ/
Alternative forms: cumdumpster, cum-dumpster etymology cum + dumpster
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, slang) A promiscuous person, usually female or bottom, who has sexual relation with men and often has many ejaculate in their body cavities.
    • 2004, Tom Wolfe, I am Charlotte Simmons, Macmillan, 2004, ISBN 0374281580, pg. 493: She was unclean, she had let herself be used in the filthiest way, she was a ratty hotel washrag, a cum dumpster.
    • 2004, Lord Bumblebee, "Spoof Issue: Getting tickled by Bubbles," The GW Hatchet, April 2, 2004: I would be spending my evening with a nice cum dumpster named Bubbles.
    • 2007, Alexander Theroux, Laura Warholic, or, The Sexual Intellectual, Fantagraphics Books, Seattle, ISBN 1560977981, pg. 143: I would explain it's because you aid and abet my skeezy ex, the Blowpipe! Devil Girl! The Cum Dumpster! Motorhole!
Synonyms: slut, cumslut, cumguzzler, cumhole, cumdump, cumwhore
cum gutters etymology From cum + gutter, by analogy with an actual gutter on an occasion when a man ejaculates on his sex partner's navel and the semen flows along the pelvic lines as if they were gutters.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (anatomy, vulgar) The iliac furrows
    • 2009 Brad Saunders, "Men I might have known" It mingled with his sweat and ran in little currents along the cum gutters formed by his abs.
    • 2010. Timothy McGivney "Zombielicious", Page 181 Stretching my arms above my head, I notice all the cum pooling along Walt's abs—his “cum gutters” are overflowing.
    • Damon Suede, "Hot Head", Page 97 Dante's sweat-slick chest was rising and falling rapidly, laced with thick semen. More ran in the grooves of his abdominal muscles. “Cum gutters,” Dante called them.
    That girl is such a ho you can almost smell the jizz on her cum gutters.
cumguzzler etymology cum + guzzler
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) Someone who consumes semen; a cumwhore.
    • 2011, Rich Walls, Standby, Chicago, page 32 Two of the five girls take the bait. “You see this little cumguzzler here?” He says, pointing at me.
Synonyms: cumdump, cumslut, cumdumpster, cumhole, cumrag
cum guzzler Alternative forms: cum-guzzler, cumguzzler
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang, vulgar, sometimes derogatory) One who swallows ejaculate.
  2. (slang, vulgar, derogatory) A contemptible person.
  • {{seeCites}}
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang, vulgar) alternative form of cum guzzler
  • {{seeCites}}
cumhole Alternative forms: cum hole, cum-hole etymology cum + hole
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (gay, sex) An orifice or person used to collect semen, especially a man's anus
    • 2009, John Patrick, Naughty by Nature, page 34 Show me that cumhole
    • 2010, Eric Summers, Rock & Roll Over, page 73 Since I couldn't do much with the dick as a whole in my mouth, I focused strictly on the cumhole, licking the sweet honey that was steadily dripping from it.
    • 2010, Jeff Erno, Puppy Love 2: Building a Family, page 90 You're just my fuckin pisshole and my cumhole, too. You're mine. I own your faggot ass! I fuckin own it!!”
    Jack uses Mike's ass as his own personal cumhole, but I don't think Mike likes being objectified like that.
  2. (slang) the male urethra
Synonyms: cumslut, cumdump, cumwhore, cum dumpster, cumrag, cumguzzler
adjective: {{en-adj}}
  1. (slang, vulgar, rare) hungry for sperm
etymology 1 From French commère. Alternative forms: kimmer
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (Scotland) the relationship of a godmother to the other god-parents, and the legal parents, of a child.
  2. (Scotland) a female companion or intimate (of another woman)
  3. (Scotland) lass, the feminine equivalent of "fellow"
Synonyms: commother, co-mother, gossip
etymology 2 cum + er
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang) One who cum or climax.
    • 2013, David Bergman, The Violet Hour (page 186) In point of fact, Whitmore wasn't just a slow cummer, but rather unable to have an orgasm whenever anyone else was present.
cummy etymology cum + y
adjective: {{en-adj}}
  1. (slang) Resembling or covered with semen.
    • 2006, Jack Adams, The Lifestyle Adventures of Jack and Anni I was licking and teasing her asshole while eating her cummy pussy when she rolled over...
cumshot Alternative forms: cum shot etymology From cum + shot.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, slang) A sex act in pornographic films in which a man ejaculate onto his partner's body.
    • {{quote-book }}
    • {{quote-book }}
    • {{quote-book }}
  2. (vulgar, slang) The portrayal of ejaculation.
  3. (vulgar, slang) A trail or splodge of semen.
cumsicle etymology cum + sicle
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang, vulgar) Semen frozen for consumption as food.
cumskin etymology cum + skin. See cum.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang, derogatory, offensive, ethnic slur) A white person.
cumslut Alternative forms: cum-slut, cum slut etymology From cum + slut.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang, vulgar, usually, derogatory) A person who badly wants to receive a man's semen, particularly in an orifice.
    • [1998] 2001, ‘Teal_Guest’, quoted in Virtual Gender: Technology, Consumption and Identity Matters, Alison Adam and Eileen Green edd. Teal_Guest: A pretty little cumslut, on her knees, dress tugged up over the lace of her stockings. She looks up at you and you can see that her face, dress and hair are streaked and spattered with cum.
    • 2003, K S McCoy, My Mind’s Eye He said girl in order to be worthy of being my cum slut my pleasure slave you will learn to love pain and take it.
    • 2004, Patrick Califia, “Pussy Boy,”in Law of Desire: Tales of Gay Male Lust and Obsession, Ian Philips and Greg Wharton edd. “Oh, Daddy,” he cried, his head rolling back over the edge of the sling, “[...] Oh Daddy, let me be your cum slut, I’m nothing but a hot pussy that needs your big load.”
    • 2005, Ray Gordon, Depravicus: The Sequel His penis twitching expectantly, he was sure that the little cumslut wouldn’t hesitate to lift her habit and impale herself on his magnificent penile shaft and fuck her tight pussy to orgasm. But he wasn’t so sure that she was a little cumslut. If she wasn’t, she soon would be.
Synonyms: cumwhore, cumguzzler, cumrag, cumdump, cum dumpster, cumhole
cumsoaked Alternative forms: cum-soaked
adjective: {{en-adj}}
  1. (slang, vulgar, rare) soaked in ejaculate.
cum-soaked Alternative forms: cumsoaked
adjective: {{en-adj}}
  1. (slang, vulgar, rare) soaked in ejaculate.
cumthirsty Alternative forms: cum-thirsty
adjective: {{en-adj}}
  1. (slang, vulgar, rare) sexually excited, willing to take in sperm
cum towel
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang, vulgar) A rag, towel or cloth used to clean up semen.
Synonyms: jizzrag
cumulogranite etymology cumulo + granite
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (aviation, slang) Solid terrain, such as mountain, obscured by cloud and thus posing a risk to the pilot of an aircraft.
    • 2001, Dale Brown, Battle Born "That cumulogranite might've just put the fear of God into that squid pilot chasing us," the OSO reminded him.
cumwhore etymology From cum + whore. Alternative forms: cum-whore, cum whore
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) a cumslut
    • 2008, Elliott Mabeuse, A Good Student, page 47 When she's a greedy little cum-whore and needs spanking.” I slapped her lightly on the clit and Emma jumped.
    • 2008, Greg Rucka, Greg Rucka, Patriot Acts, page 123 "Have you forgotten why we want this cumwhore? Have you forgotten what he did to us?"
    • 2008, Louis Friend, Freedom is slavery page 162 Charlie removed his filled condom and threw it down in front of Louis as a treat for the cum whore.
    • 2009, Daniel W. Kelly, Horny Devil, page 94 He firmly believed that semen was what kept his skin looking so taut and smooth (not to mention, he was a total cum whore who got off on being a human cum rag).
Synonyms: cumguzzler, cumdump, cum dumpster, cumhole, cumrag
cunji {{wikipedia}} etymology From cunjevoi.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (Australia, colloquial) {{short for}}
    • 1998 June, , Biology Bytes, Vol 1, No 4, , Sydney's most common tunicate, cunjivoy (Pyura stolonifera....or "cunji" to the locals), is an icon. There are even poems about the stoic cunji!
    • 2007, Gary Brown, Fishing Guide to Sydney-Hawkesbury, page 77, Try using abalone gut, peeled prawns and cunji for bait for the bream and drummer found here.
cunnilinguist etymology From cunnilingus.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. One who gives cunnilingus.
    • 1958, Joseph Paul De River, Crime and the sexual psychopath He is sexually perverted, a cunnilinguist, with a fetish for the odor of women's sweat and vaginal secretions.
    • 1975, United States Supreme Court reports: Volume 41 ...a film strip of six frames depicting lesbian love scenes including a cunnilinguist in action and female masturbation with another's hand and a vibrator, and two frames, one depicting a woman mouthing the penis of a horse, and the second poising the same for entrance into her vagina
    • 2006, Nina Hartley, Ira S. Levine, Nina Hartley's Guide to Total Sex It's impossible to be a good lover of women without being a skilled and ardent cunnilinguist. Whatever your excuses or hesitations when it comes to putting your face between a woman's legs, now's the time to get over them.
Synonyms: carpet muncher (vulgar, slang), cunnilinctor, cuntlicker (vulgar, slang), cuntsucker (vulgar, slang), muff-diver (vulgar, slang), clitsucker
cunnilingus {{wikipedia}} Alternative forms: cunnilinctus etymology From Latin cunnus + lingo. pronunciation
  • /ˌkʌnɪˈlɪŋɡəs/
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. Oral sex in which a person's clitoris and/or vulva is orally stimulate.
Synonyms: (oral sex) carpet munching, lip service, muff diving, pussy eating, dining at the Y (DATY); see also
related terms:
  • cunnilingue
  • cunnilinguist
  • cunnilinguistic
  • cunnilingual
coordinate terms:
  • fellatio
cunning {{wikipedia}} pronunciation
  • {{audio}}
  • {{rhymes}}
  • /ˈkʌnɪŋ/
etymology 1 From Middle English cunning, kunning, konnyng, alteration of earlier Middle English cunninde, kunnende, cunnand, from Old English cunnende, present participle of cunnan, equivalent to con + ing. Cognate with Scots cunnand, German könnend, Icelandic kunnandi. More at con, can.
adjective: {{en-adj}}
  1. Sly; crafty; clever in surreptitious behaviour.
    • South They are resolved to be cunning; let others run the hazard of being sincere.
  2. (obsolete) Skillful, artful.
    • Bible, Genesis xxv. 27 Esau was a cunning hunter.
    • Bible, Exodus xxxviii. 23 a cunning workman
    • Shakespeare Tis beauty truly blent, whose red and white / Nature's own sweet and cunning hand laid on.
  3. (obsolete) Wrought with, or exibiting, skill or ingenuity; ingenious. cunning work
    • Spenser Over them Arachne high did lift / Her cunning web.
  4. (US, colloquial, rare) Cute, appealing. a cunning little boy {{rfquotek}}
Synonyms: See also
etymology 2 From Middle English cunning, kunnyng, partially from Old English *, from cunnan; partially from Old English cunnung, from cunnian, equivalent to con + ing.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (obsolete) Knowledge; learning; special knowledge (sometimes implying occult or magical knowledge).
  2. Practical knowledge or experience; aptitude in performance; skill, proficiency; dexterity.
    • 2005, , Sophist. Translation by Lesley Brown. . indeed at this very moment he's slipped away with the utmost cunning into a form that's most perplexing to investigate.
  3. Practical skill employed in a secret or crafty manner; craft; artifice; skillful deceit.
  4. The disposition to employ one's skill in an artful manner; craftiness; guile; artifice; skill of being cunning, sly, conniving, or deceitful.
  5. The natural wit or instinct of an animal. the cunning of the fox or hare
Synonyms: craftiness, foxship, list
etymology 1 See cony. pronunciation
  • /ˈkʌni/
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. obsolete form of cony
    • {{RQ:Flr Mntgn Essays}}, II.12: What? shall Philosophie…make me like a fearfull cunnie creepe into some lurking-hole, and like a craven to tremble and yeeld?
related terms:
  • cuniculus
  • cuniculture
etymology 2 Diminutive form of cunt with -y.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, slang) A cunt, vulva.
cunt {{wikipedia}} Alternative forms: coynte etymology From Middle English cunte, queynt, queynte from Old English *cunte, from Proto-Germanic *kuntōn. Cognate with Frisian kunte, dialectal Swedish kunta, dialectal Danish kunte, Dutch kont and Icelandic kunta. A relationship to Latin cunnus has not been conclusively shown. suggests cuneus, a wedge. pronunciation
  • {{enPR}}, /kʌnt/
  • {{audio}}
  • {{rhymes}}
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, countable) The female genitalia, especially the vulva.
    • 1930, D. H. Lawrence, Lady Chatterley's Lover, Chapter 12 (speaking Midlands vernacular, but both Lawrence and his character know standard English) An' doesn't ter know? Cunt! It's thee down theer; an' what I get when I'm i'side thee, and what tha gets when I'm i'side thee; it's a' as it is, all on't.
    • 1983, Lawrence Durrell, Sebastian, Faber & Faber 2004 (Avignon Quintet), p. 1138: Ah! This power-house of human misery and ecstasy, the cunt!
    • 1959, William S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch, page 68 Blind boys grope out of huge pies, deteriorated schizophrenics pop from a rubber cunt, boys with horrible skin diseases rise from a black pond (sluggish fish nibble yellow turds on the surface).
    • 2004, Leo Benedictus, "A bit of hanky-panky", The Guardian, 23 Jun 04: Then there is a drum roll, and I watch open-mouthed as she bends over and produces a string of red cloths from her femininity. "What better way to celebrate 10 years of Camberwell Arts Week than pulling 10 red handkerchiefs out of my cunt?" she asks.
  2. (vulgar, offensive, countable) An extremely unpleasant or objectionable person (in US, especially a woman; in UK or Ireland, more usually a man).
    • 2009, Patrick Barkham, "Top Gear: Why We're Mad About the Boys", The Guardian, 12 Nov 09: He rails against political correctness and health and safety regulations, and earlier this summer was accused of calling Gordon Brown "a cunt" in unbroadcast comments to his Top Gear audience, whom he has also referred to as "oafs".
  3. (British, NZ, vulgar, countable) An objectionable object or item. Fix the car? I’ll sort the cunt out at the weekend.
  4. (British, Australia, Ireland, NZ, Scotland, vulgar) An unpleasant or difficult experience or incident. I had a real cunt of a day. It was a cunt of an experience getting through it.
  5. (vulgar, countable and uncountable) A woman, women, or bottom as a source of sex. I’m going to hit the clubs and see if I can get me some cunt.
  6. (Australia, New Zealand, British, vulgar, positive, countable) (with words funny, good) A person (mostly between male friends); compare bastard. Yes, I do remember Dave, he was one funny cunt. Tom's a good cunt, he fixed my car and didn't even charge me for it!
  • Writing in 1961, Partridge noted the term had been avoided "in written and polite spoken English" since the 15th century and had been considered obscene since around 1700. Partridge further notes the term's absence from the 1932 Universal Dictionary of English and the 1933 Shorter Oxford Dictionary, and himself bowdlerized it as c*nt.
  • In many English-speaking countries, "cunt" is the most offensive swear word: a study by several British broadcasting organizations found that it was the most offensive word, with 96% classing it as severe;[ "Delete expletives?"] a similar study by New Zealand's Broadcasting Standards Authority found that it was the most offensive word there, offending 74% of New Zealanders.[ What Not to Swear]
  • {{seeCites}}
Synonyms: See
  • Cnut
  • unct
Cuntada etymology {{blend}}
proper noun: {{en-proper noun}}
  1. (slang, vulgar, derogatory) Canada
cuntal etymology cunt + al
adjective: {{en-adj}}
  1. (vulgar) Of or relating to a cunt; vaginal.
    • 1989, , Pornography: Men Possessing Women‎, p. 213: He likes the deep crimson of "the inner cuntal area."
    • 2002, Inga Muscio, Cunt: A Declaration of Independence‎, p. 73. If anybody else is of the mind to explore your cuntal regions with their digits, make goddamn sure they keep their nails clipped and hands clean too.
    • 2003, Ray Gordon, Sexual Service‎, p. 105: Crude, debased, cleavage, cuntal, anal, oral . . . any kind of sex would do!
    • 2006, Jeff Charles, Ultimate Vibrations‎, p. 92: ... he kissed her moist crack and then he parted her puffy love lips with his thumbs and slipped his tongue inside her honeypot to lap up her cuntal juices.
cuntass etymology cunt + ass
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) a contemptible person
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, slang) a stupid or mean person.
cuntboy etymology cunt + boy
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang, vulgar, LGBT) An extremely submissive or dominated bottom, a pussyboy
    • 1993, Aaron Travis, Big Shots, link Do your dance for the man, cuntboy.
    • 2000, P.P. Hartnett, The Gay Times book of short stories: new century, new writing, link And now he is an initiate in the sect of the clean-shaven cuntboy.
  2. (slang, vulgar) A young man who has a vagina, due to being intersex, a female-to-male transgender who has not had bottom surgery, or a character in speculative fiction.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (derogatory, offensive, vulgar) annoying or contemptuous person
cuntbucket Alternative forms: cunt bucket etymology From cunt + bucket. pronunciation
  • {{audio}}
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, informal, derogatory) A stupid contemptuous person, especially a woman.
    • 2001, "Vicky Conlan", Has anyone.....? (on newsgroup Just fuck you, cuntbucket!
    • 2005, Dennis Schreiner, Kate Carlo, page 49 But of course she blew a gasket and called me a dirty cuntbucket, said that the toaster was rightfully hers, a deserved piece of the alimony that the courts denied her.
    • 2007, "Nige", OT: First happy slapping ... (on newsgroup Well, he's going to get fuck all, little cuntbucket needs a nice bleach injection in his arm (and his his fucking parents{{SIC}} arms too, the shitbags)
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) A man that is a adept at vigorous sexual penetration and seduction, especially heterosexual contact
    • 2012, Debra Hyde, Back Door Lover, link She calls me names like slave-master, or cunt-buster, or clit-licker, or maybe she just says, “Spank my butt again, get to fuck again.”
related terms:
  • beaver buster
cuntbutt etymology From cunt + butt.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, informal, derogatory) A stupid person.
cunt cap
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (military slang, vulgar) A hat which is gathered and folded on the top.
    • 1982, Lawrence Durrell, Constance, Penguin 2004 (Avignon Quintet), p. 633: I had warmed under the smiling gaze of this military young woman who wore her small lifeboat hat (these were, I afterwards discovered, known as cunt-caps among the girls themselves) and smoked her ration of tobacco, though she always refused coffee.
    • 1993, Phil Henderson, Life of Death, p. 128: I hated it – I preferred to wear the gook cap because the cunt cap had DUMMHEIT embroidered all across in black, in an elegant cursive, really swanky and stylish.
    • 1989, Paul Fussell, Wartime, Oxford University Press, p. 92: The soldier's overseas cap, the one that opens up along the top, is called a cunt cap: it's hard to imagine any other piece of conventional headgear, like a policeman's visor cap or a bishop's miter or a motorcyclist's helmet treated automatically with such obscene disrespect.
cuntdom etymology cunt + dom
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) The state or period of being a cunt.
Synonyms: cunthood
cunt dropping
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang, vulgar, derogatory) A child.
Synonyms: See also .
  • {{seemoreCites}}
adjective: {{en-adj}}
  1. (vulgar, slang) Under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol; drunk; high.
  2. (vulgar, slang) broken
  3. (vulgar, slang) Extremely tired or worn out
Synonyms: See also
  • decunt, uncted
cuntface etymology From cunt + face.
adjective: {{en-adj}}
  1. alternative form of cuntfaced
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) A term of abuse.
cuntfaced etymology From cunt + faced.
adjective: {{en-adj}}
  1. (vulgar) A term of abuse.
related terms:
  • cuntface
cuntfest etymology cunt + fest
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, slang) A lesbian orgy.
cuntfuck etymology cunt + fuck pronunciation
  • {{enPR}}, /ˈkʌntˌfʌk/
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) A stupid or otherwise undesirable person
  2. (vulgar) an act of vaginal penetration
verb: {{en-verb}}
  1. (vulgar) to engage in vaginal sex
cuntfucker etymology From cunt + fucker.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang, derogatory, offensive, vulgar) A stupid or otherwise undesirable person.
  2. (slang, derogatory, offensive, vulgar) One who cuntfuck.
  3. (slang, derogatory, offensive, vulgar) A lesbian.
cunthead etymology Compound of cunt and head pronunciation
  • {{enPR}}, /ˈcʌntˌhɛd/
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) A stupid or otherwise undesirable person.
    • 1981, Malcolm McConnell, Just causes Now, if some other posh cunthead's yacht came cruising in here, a great bloody big one, with sun decks and a swimming pool and flunkies in white coats...
  • chaunted, dunce hat
cunthood etymology cunt + hood
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) The state or period of being a cunt.
Synonyms: cuntdom
adverb: {{en-adv}}
  1. (vulgar) in a cunty manner
cuntiness etymology cunty + ness
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) the state or quality of being cunty
adjective: {{en-adj}}
  1. (vulgar) An intensifier, used to describe something unwanted or undesirable. I fucking hate doing the cunting washing up, let's get a maid.
related terms:
  • cunt
  • uncting
cuntish etymology cunt + ish
adjective: {{en-adj}}
  1. (slang, vulgar) Like a cunt (objectionable person).
Synonyms: cunty
cuntishness etymology cuntish + ness
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) The quality of being cuntish.
    • 2009, Martina Cole, Close They were like old women with their fucking stupidity; their absolute cuntishness seemed to cling to them like shit to a blanket.
cunt juice
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, slang) The naturally-occurring lubricating secretion of the human vagina.
    • 1991, Bret Easton Ellis, American psycho: a novel, page 175 My cock slides in almost too easily — her cunt is too wet, drenched with her own cunt juice and Christie's saliva, and there's no friction — so I take the scarf from around Christie's neck and pull my cock out of Sabrina's cunt and, spreading her open, wipe her cunt and my cock off and then try to resume fucking her while I continue to eat out Christie, who I bring to yet another climax within a matter of minutes.
cuntless etymology From cunt + less. pronunciation
  • (UK) /ˈkʌntləs/
adjective: {{en-adj}}
  1. (vulgar) Without a cunt (vagina).
    • 1930, Ernest Hemingway, "Little Mr. Wilson", Complete Poems, p. 97: All the ball-less critics / All their cuntless wives / Give to Mr. Hemingway / A violent case of Hives.
    • 1977, Stanley Shapiro, Simon's soul (page 219) "Hell is cuntless, you miserable shit. Your cock will be cut off slice by stinking slice." His lips part and his broad teeth show in unbrushed sarcasm.
cuntlessness etymology cuntless + ness
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, rare) the state of being cuntless
cuntlicker etymology cunt + licker
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang, vulgar, often, derogatory) One who gives cunnilingus.
    • 1992, William Gill, Sugar and Spice (page 57) You are nothing, just a paid cuntlicker.
    • 1995, Adrian C. Louis, Skins "Hormone heifers . . . dykes . . . pussy-sniffing cuntlickers." "Hormone heifers," Rudy chuckled. "That's one I never heard before." The boy had a way with words, Rudy reflected, but he saw no real humor in Wayne Ed's words.
  2. (slang, vulgar, derogatory) A contemptible person.
    • 1984, Zulfikar Ghose, Don Bueno (page 29) 'You miserable little cuntlicker,' he said. 'You take that back!' Don Bueno shouted at him, tightening his fists.
Synonyms: cunnilinguist
cuntlicking etymology cunt + licking
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) cunnilingus
    • 2003, Nancy Friday, Forbidden flowers: more women's sexual fantasies - Page 52 [countertransference] is a stuffy, polysyllabic word for what amounts to a little cuntlicking in my case.
    • 2007, Peter Jason, Unfaithful Slowly, inch by inch, the women then proceeded to a mutual soixante-neuf embrace of cuntlicking. Being women, they knew just how best to do that. Each knew exactly what she wanted done to herself to excite her the most.
cuntlike etymology cunt + like
adjective: {{en-adj}}
  1. (vulgar, slang) Resembling the cunt (vagina) or some aspect of it.
    • 1961, Henry Miller, Tropic of Capricorn ...all light, movement, power impersonally conceived, generated, and distributed throughout a choked, cuntlike cleft intended to dazzle and awe the savage...
    • 1973, Don DeLillo, Great Jones Street The orchid is a cuntlike plant. Don't you think? Menacing in its beauty. Some plants just stand there. The orchid lures a person. It draws a person inward.
    • 1998, Drago Jančar, Michael Biggins, Mocking desire A fingernail jutted out of a female sex organ, out of a cuntlike furrow very close by his face. The broad fingernail of a broad hand. I feel sick, he said.
Synonyms: vaginalike
cuntling etymology cunt + ling
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang, vulgar, derogatory) A female regarded with contempt.
    • 2005, EminemsRevenge, Jew Girl, Shakespeare sans Co. (2005), ISBN 9781411645516, page 48: Carey was formulating a picture of this little cuntling who she called Heather in his mind's eye, and it was none too flattering.
    • {{seemoreCites}}
cuntlips etymology cunt + lips
noun: {{en-plural noun}}
  1. (vulgar, usually in plural) The labia minora.
cunt lips
noun: {{en-plural noun}}
  1. (slang, vulgar) The labia majora.
    • 1992, Letters to Penthouse III: Hot, Bothered, and Ready, Warner Books (2007), ISBN 9780446535465, unnumbered page: I wanted to make her come before she did it herself, and slid down the bed until my mouth was on her tender cunt lips.
    • 2002, Inga Musico, Cunt: A Declaration of Independence, Seal Press (2002), ISBN 1580050751, page 70: Hold your cunt lips apart with two fingers of one hand. Insert the speculum sideways, longest handle facing your body.
    • 2008, The New Black Lace Book of Women's Sexual Fantasies (ed. Mitzi Szereto), Black Lace (2008), ISBN 9780352341723, page 121: I drop my head back again, close my eyes and, wrapping my arms under my legs just behind my ankles, I pull my cunt lips apart as wide as I can.
Synonyms: See also .
cuntly etymology From cunt + ly.
adjective: {{en-adj}}
  1. (vulgar slang) Extremely unpleasant or objectionable; bitchy.
    • 1991, Stephen Fry, The Liar: Tickford stared at Adrian, breathing heavily from his nostrils like a cornered bull. Oh cuntly cunt. He's going to hit me. He's out of control.
    • 2005, Dennis Schreiner, Kate Carlo, p. 134: ‘My, but I must learn to curb my cuntly outbursts. No one likes a bitch.’
    • 2013, Rob Delaney (comedian), Rob Delaney: Mother. Wife. Sister. Human. Warrior. Falcon. Yardstick. Turban. Cabbage.: But when our hero, the beautiful, elemental McMurphy, was lobotomized after attacking the cuntly Nurse Ratched, CRY I DID. I sobbed.
  2. (slang) Pertaining to an (anatomical) cunt; vulval, vaginal.
    • 2013, Emma LE Rees, The Vagina, Bloomsbury 2015, p. 87: The Priest's cuntly encounter is what is really showing the way, the truth and the light: in a perversion of John 14:6, the Priest can come to the father, to the truth, not through Jesus, but through a woman's body.
cuntservative etymology {{blend}}.
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang, vulgar, derogatory) A person with right-wing political views.
Synonyms: conservatard (derogatory), rightard (derogatory), wingnut (derogatory)
  • libtard (derogatory)
  • neotard (derogatory)
interjection: {{en-interj}}
  1. (vulgar) an expression of frustration
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) a contemptible person
  • unstitch
cunt-struck Alternative forms: cuntstruck etymology From cunt + struck. pronunciation
  • (UK) /ˈkʌntstɹʌk/
adjective: {{en-adj}}
  1. (vulgar slang) Sexually obsessed with women, or with a specific woman. {{defdate}}
    • 1929, Frederic Manning, The Middle Parts of Fortune, Vintage 2014, p. 156: Shem looked up at Bourne with a curious grin. ‘Seems to me you're getting a bit cunt-struck.’
cuntsucker etymology From cunt + sucker. pronunciation
  • /ˈkʌntsʌkə/
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, slang) Someone who performs cunnilingus.
  2. (vulgar, slang) A vile or detestable person.
Synonyms: cunnilinguist
cuntward etymology cunt + ward
adverb: {{en-adv}}
  1. (vulgar, rare) Towards a cunt (female genitalia).
    • 2007, Karl Rockwood, The Very Private Secretary His mouth moved down from her breasts, lapping cuntward at the same instant her hand exerted pressure to push him in that direction.
    • 2010, Wendy Swanscombe, Pale Pleasures The walls of her cunt were rippling under conscious control, drawing the first ball deeper, drawing the second and third balls after it. She looked up and saw Anna's balls climbing cuntward too.
cuntwardly etymology cuntward + ly
adverb: {{en-adv}}
  1. (vulgar, nonce) vaginally
cuntwhore Alternative forms: cunt-whore, cunt whore, cunt/whore etymology cunt + whore
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, derogatory, offensive) A woman.
    • 1999, Sue William Silverman, Because I Remember Terror, Father, I Remember You, page 162 Only you could love this cuntwhore body.
    • 2001, Micheline Aharonian Marcom, Three apples fell from heaven, link Me, a Christian girl whom they nominated devil's cunt and cuntwhore and infidel-bitch and wiping their boots on my hair swore I would be the bearer of a Mohammedan child into this world
    • 2009, Suki Khan, Pink Tiger and the Whore Liberation Front, page 103 So used to the teacup-sized cuntwhores of Perga was he that it was weird to see big women again.
cunty etymology cunt + y
adjective: {{en-adj}}
  1. (vulgar, of a person) Highly objectionable.
related terms:
  • cunt
cupcake etymology cup + cake. pronunciation
  • /ˈkʌpkeɪk/
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. A small cake baked in a paper container shaped like a cup, often with icing on top.
  2. (slang) An attractive young woman.
    • 2006, Thomas Pynchon, Against the Day, Vintage 2007, p. 604: Whatever else this cupcake might be up to, she was no piker.
  3. (slang) A weak or effeminate man.
  4. (dated) Used as a term of endearment
    • 2010, Kimberly Cates, The Perfect Match “Listen, cupcake,” Cash tried to soothe. “Sometimes when grownups get mad, they say things they don't mean. I'm sure your mother—”
Synonyms: (small cake) fairy cake
cuppa etymology Ellipsis with elision of cup of tea. pronunciation
  • {{rhymes}}
  • {{audio}}
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (UK, colloquial) A cup of tea. I’ve just put the kettle on - fancy a cuppa?
    • 1960 , P. G. Wodehouse , Jeeves in the Offing , chapter III , “[...] we covered the hundred yards to the lawn where the tea table awaited us. [...] Only Bobbie was present when we arrived at the trough. Wilbert and Phyllis were presumably still in the leafy glade, and Mrs Cream, Bobbie said, worked in her room every afternoon on her new spine-freezer and seldom knocked off for a cuppa.”
    • 1992, Machine Knitting Monthly, Maidenhead: Machine Knitting Monthly Ltd., Back home safely, I made a cuppa and sat for a good hour revelling in my favourite magazine.
    • 2007, Kevin Hallewell, Woop Woop, [http//|%22cuppas%22+-intitle:%22%22+-inauthor:%22%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=pdw0T-_cKOLqmAWskZT_AQ&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=%22cuppa%22|%22cuppas%22%20-intitle%3A%22%22%20-inauthor%3A%22%22&f=false page 35], ‘Here,’ said Clancy as he sat up and dangled his legs over the edge of the bed, ‘You sit down and take it easy. I′ll boil the billy for a cuppa’.
  2. eye dialect of cup of
    • 1940, , Volume 16, Part 1, [http//|%22cuppas%22+-intitle:%22%22+-inauthor:%22%22&dq=%22cuppa%22|%22cuppas%22+-intitle:%22%22+-inauthor:%22%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=vN40T4eUD-OdmQWg6IGIAg&redir_esc=y page 22], And he orders a cuppa cawfee. “A cuppa cawfee and what else?” I says to him.
    • 1997, , Anthony Di Renzo (editor), Commutation: $9.17, If I Were Boss: The Early Business Stories of Sinclair Lewis, I just felt like I wanted another cuppa coffee and I told her so;…and before I could get just one more cuppa coffee it was seven-fifty!
    • 2008, , The Entitled: A Tale of Modern Baseball, [http//|%22cuppas%22+-intitle:%22%22+-inauthor:%22%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=sug0T_vxNeTEmQXrlaSdAg&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=%22cuppa%22|%22cuppas%22%20-intitle%3A%22%22%20-inauthor%3A%22%22&f=false page 204], “That′s a new line, isn′t it? Come up to my suite for a cuppa coffee.”
cupper etymology cup + er
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (medicine, archaic) One who performs the operation of cupping.
  2. (slang) A coffee aficionado.
    • {{quote-news}}
  3. (UK, Oxford and Cambridge universities) An intercollegiate sport competition, open to all college.
cupset etymology {{blend}}
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (sports, British, slang) An upset in a cup competition.
    • 2006 May 7, Sunday Mail (Glasgow): Gary: It'll Be Cupset for Andy
cup that cheers etymology From William Cowper's The Task (1785): "...the bubbling and loud hissing urn / Throws up a steamy column, and the cups, / That cheer but not inebriate, wait on each..."
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (humorous) A cup of tea.
curber etymology From curb + er. pronunciation
  • (UK) /ˈkəːbə/
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. Someone or something which curbs.
    • 1902, William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience, Folio Society 2008, p. 282: they required him as a safeguard against the demon and a curber of other people's crimes.
  2. (historical slang) A type of thief who used a ‘curb’ or hooked pole to steal things through open windows.
    • 1977, Gãmini Salgãdo, The Elizabethan Underworld, Folio Society 2006, p. 33: Night was the natural time for the curber’s activities and striking up an acquaitance with a serving maid was an invaluable way of getting a window left open or learning the exact layout of the rooms in the house.
curbstoner etymology curbstone + -er
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (slang, auto) A freelancer used car dealer who places for sale ads and meets a prospective buyer at a designated curbside address.
curebie etymology cure + bie
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (derogatory) One who wishes to cure a condition (such as autism) that may be regarded as an acceptable alternative state of being.
related terms:
  • anti-cure
curialism etymology curial + ism?
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (derogatory) The view or doctrine of the ultramontane party in the Latin Church. {{rfquotek}}
{{Webster 1913}}
Curry Mile {{wikipedia}}
proper noun: {{en-proper noun}}
  1. (UK, informal) The part of Wilmslow Road running through the centre of Rusholme in south Manchester, England, known for its large number of restaurant specialising in South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine.
curse {{wikipedia}} etymology From Middle English, from Late Old English curs, of unknown origin. pronunciation
  • (UK) /kɜːs/
  • (US) /kɝːs/
  • {{audio}}
  • {{rhymes}}
noun: {{wikipedia}} {{en-noun}}
  1. A supernatural detriment or hindrance; a bane.
  2. A prayer or imprecation that harm may befall someone.
  3. The cause of great harm, evil, or misfortune; that which brings evil or severe affliction; torment.
    • Shakespeare The common curse of mankind, folly and ignorance.
  4. A vulgar epithet.
    • {{quote-magazine}}
  5. (slang) A woman's menses.
verb: {{en-verb}}
  1. (transitive) To place a curse upon (a person or object).
    • {{RQ:EHough PrqsPrc}} Captain Edward Carlisle…felt a curious sensation of helplessness seize upon him as he met her steady gaze,…; he could not tell what this prisoner might do. He cursed the fate which had assigned such a duty, cursed especially that fate which forced a gallant soldier to meet so superb a woman as this under handicap so hard.
  2. To call upon divine or supernatural power to send injury upon; to imprecate evil upon; to execrate.
    • Bible, Book of Exodus xxii. 28 Thou shalt not…curse the ruler of thy people.
  3. (transitive) To speak or shout a vulgar curse or epithet.
  4. (intransitive) To use offensive or morally inappropriate language.
    • Bible, Gospel of Matthew xxi. 74 Then began he to curse and to swear.
    • William Shakespeare (1564-1616) His spirits hear me, / And yet I need must curse.
  5. To bring great evil upon; to be the cause of serious harm or unhappiness to; to furnish with that which will be a cause of deep trouble; to afflict or injure grievously; to harass or torment.
    • Alexander Pope (1688-1744) On impious realms and barbarous kings impose / Thy plagues, and curse 'em with such sons as those.
Synonyms: (intransitive, use offensive language) swear
  • bless
  • cruse
  • cures
  • sucre, Sucre
curse it
interjection: {{en-interj}}
  1. (UK, mildly, vulgar) expression of surprise, contempt, outrage, disgust, boredom, frustration.
  • crustie
  • icterus
curse of Scotland {{wikipedia}} etymology Origin uncertain; it may have come from a resemblance to the coat of arms of , who was an object of criticism for his part in the in 1692, and his work in bringing about the Union with England in 1707 (ref. Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd edition 1989).
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (cards, slang) The nine of diamonds.
    • 1920, , The Understanding Heart, Chapter IV With a mixed hand and the highest card the curse of Scotland, I've seen that man stand pat in a game with four millionaire mining men.
    • 2006, Thomas Pynchon, Against the Day, Vintage 2007, p. 26: After a moment of silence, it was Miles who announced in a clear and firm voice, “The cards you have put down there all happen to be black—your ‘red’ is the nine of diamonds, the curse of Scotland, and it's right here,” reaching to lift the sharper's hat, and to remove from atop his head, and exhibit, the card at issue.
curses pronunciation
  • {{rhymes}}
interjection: {{en-interj}}
  1. (UK, dated or humorous in the US) Expression of surprise, contempt, outrage, disgust, boredom, frustration.
noun: {{head}}
  1. plural of curse
verb: {{head}}
  1. en-third-person singular of curse
  • cruses, cusser
curse word
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. A word that is a vulgarity.
curtain etymology From Old French cortine, from Latin cortina. pronunciation
  • /ˈkɜːtn̩/
  • {{audio}}
  • /ˈkɝtn̩/
  • {{audio}}
  • {{rhymes}}
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. A piece of cloth cover a window, bed, etc. to offer privacy and keep out light.
    • {{RQ:BLwnds TLdgr}} Thus the red damask curtains which now shut out the fog-laden, drizzling atmosphere of the Marylebone Road, had cost a mere song, and yet they might have been warranted to last another thirty years. A great bargain also had been the excellent Axminster carpet which covered the floor; as, again, the arm-chair in which Bunting now sat forward, staring into the dull, small fire.
  2. A similar piece of cloth that separates the audience and the stage in a theater.
    • 1905, Baroness Emmuska Orczy , The Lisson Grove Mystery , 2, , ““H'm !” he said, “so, so—it is a tragedy in a prologue and three acts. I am going down this afternoon to see the curtain fall for the third time on what…will prove a good burlesque ; but it all began dramatically enough. It was last Saturday…that two boys, playing in the little spinney just outside Wembley Park Station, came across three large parcels done up in American cloth.{{nb...}}””
  3. (fortifications) The flat area of wall which connects two bastions or towers; the main area of a fortified wall.
    • {{RQ:Flr Mntgn Essays}}, Folio Society, 2006, vol.1, p.220: Captain Rense, beleagring the Citie of Errona for us,…caused a forcible mine to be wrought under a great curtine of the walles{{nb...}}.
  4. (euphemistic, also "final curtain") Death.
    • 1979, Monty Python, Always Look on the Bright Side of Life For life is quite absurd / And death's the final word / You must always face the curtain with a bow.
  5. (architecture) That part of a wall of a building which is between two pavilion, tower, etc.
  6. (obsolete, derogatory) A flag; an ensign. {{rfquotek}}
verb: {{en-verb}}
  1. To cover (a window) with a curtain; to hang curtains.
curtains pronunciation
  • (UK) /ˈkɜː(ɹ).tənz/
  • {{audio}}
noun: {{head}}
  1. plural of curtain
  2. (figuratively, in reference to curtains closing at the end of a stage show) An end, death It's curtains for you! "What if a bunch of scuba diver nosed about here?" / "Curtains for them, when our sees them."
verb: {{head}}
  1. en-third-person singular of curtain
curtain twitcher
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (British, slang) A nosy person who watches his or her neighbour, typically from a curtain window.
    • 2002, Patrick Gale, Rough Music ...but these self-invited guests made her feel like a curtain-twitcher of the worst kind and she resented them for it.
    • 2004, Harold Love, English Clandestine Satire, 1660-1702 ...the reader is also accepting the role of curtain twitcher or peeping Tom.
    • 2007, Sean Parker, Junkyard Dog The curtain twitcher who saw the incident exclaimed in detail what had happened and it was pretty obvious that Burnett did not mean to kill him.
curve {{wikipedia}} etymology From Latin curvus pronunciation
  • (RP) /kɜːv/, [ˈkʰɜːv]
  • (GenAM) /kɝv/, [ˈkʰɝv]
  • {{audio}}
  • {{rhymes}}
adjective: {{en-adj}}
  1. (obsolete) Bent without angles; crooked; curved. a curve line a curve surface
noun: {{wikipedia}} {{en-noun}}
  1. A gentle bend, such as in a road. You should slow down when approaching a curve.
  2. A simple figure containing no straight portions and no angle; a curved line. She scribbled a curve on the paper.
  3. A grading system based on the scale of performance of a group used to normalize a right-skewed grade distribution (with more lower scores) into a bell curve, so that more can receive higher grades, regardless of their actual knowledge of the subject. The teacher was nice and graded the test on a curve
  4. (analytic geometry) A continuous map from a one-dimensional space to a multidimensional space.
  5. (geometry) A one-dimensional figure of non-zero length; the graph of a continuous map from a one-dimensional space.
  6. (algebraic geometry) An algebraic curve; a polynomial relation of the planar coordinates.
  7. (topology) A one-dimensional continuum.
  8. (informal, usually in plural) The attractive shape of a woman's body.
verb: {{en-verb}}
  1. (transitive) To bend; to crook. to curve a line to curve a pipe
  2. (transitive) To cause to swerve from a straight course. to curve a ball in pitching it
  3. (intransitive) To bend or turn gradually from a given direction. the road curves to the right
  4. To grade on a curve (bell curve of a normal distribution). The teacher will curve the test.
conjunction: {{head}}
  1. (informal) because

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