The Alternative Finnish Dictionary: antaa

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antaa {{Finnish index}} etymology From Proto-Finnic *antadak, from fiu *ëmta-, cognate with eg. Estonian and, Northern Sami vuovdit, kpv уд 〈ud〉 and Hungarian ad. pronunciation
  • {{hyphenation}}
  • Rhymes: kantaa, lantaa, pantaa, rantaa, santaa
  • /ˈɑntɑː/
verb: {{fi-verb}}
  1. (transitive) To give; to allow; to present, donate; to issue. Annoin Liisalle kukat. I gave Liisa flowers.
  2. (transitive + genitive + infinitive) To let, allow, permit. Anna hänen mennä. Let him go.
  3. (transitive) To distribute, hand/pass out.
  4. (transitive) To grant, confer.
  5. (colloquial) To consent to have sex (with = allative).
  • (to consent to have sex) This usage means very often that the person consenting to have sex is the submissive party, not necessarily enjoying the activity that much.
Synonyms: (to give) suoda, (to let, allow, permit) sallia, suoda
  • (give) ottaa
  • (let, allow, permit) kieltää; estää

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