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auki pronunciation
  • [ˈɑuki]
  • {{rhymes}}
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adverb: {{fi-adv}}
  1. open not closed or locked Ovi oli auki. The door was open. Kauppa on auki yhdeksään. The shop is open until nine o'clock.
  2. untied, unbuttoned
  3. up in the air, open not yet resolved, finished, answered, decided or certain Luulen, että voin tehdä sen nopeasti, mutta tarkka aikataulu on vielä auki. I think I can do it quickly, but the exact schedule is still up in the air. Kysymys on edelleen auki. The question is still open.
  4. on, turned on Pidän veneessä aina VHF:n auki. When in boat, I always keep the VHF turned on.
  5. (colloquial) broke, busted Olen aivan auki. = I'm completely busted.
In English, "open" is an adjective. The Finnish adjective meaning "open" is avoin. Synonyms: (not closed) avoinna, (turned on) päällä
  • kiinni
related terms:
  • aueta
  • avata
  • kaiu

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