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verb: {{fi-verb}}
  1. (colloquial) to boast
  2. (colloquial) to scrape by
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) A fur hat, especially a koivistolainen.
  2. (colloquial) Any old, worn-out hat.
  • jänisreuhka
  • karvareuhka
  • lammasreuhka
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) vagina
  2. (slang) cross brace
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) revisionist
suffix: {{head}}
  1. Used to create names of occupations from nouns or verbs. karttakartturi vaatevaatturi duunataduunari puutarhapuutarhuri uruturkuri sahasahuri rokkirokkari
  2. (slang) Used to create terms meaning "supporter of something" kommunistikommari sosiaalidemokraattidemari
riemurasia etymology riemu ‘joy’ + rasia ‘box’
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (humorous) Vagina.
rietastella etymology < rietas
verb: {{fi-verb}}
  1. (intransitive) to behave lecherous, lead a loose life, lead a dissolute life; lech (slang)
Synonyms: elostella, irstailla
related terms:
  • rietas
  • riettaus
riisipussi etymology riisi + pussi
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. rice pouch pouch of rice
  2. (slang, pejorative) A Japanese automobile.
riiuu etymology riiata + uu
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) courtship, wooing
Synonyms: riiustelu
  • riiuuyöaie
rillit etymology < Swedish brillor < brilla, a lens made of beryll, sometimes used as visual aid before glass lenses were available.
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (colloquial, pluralonly) glasses, eyeglasses, spectacles
  2. (plural only) Zosteropidae family of birds, commonly called white-eyes in English
  3. plural of rilli bird of that family
Synonyms: kakkulat, klasit (informal), silmälasit
  • trilli
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) ring
rintaliivit etymology rinta ‘breast’ + liivi ‘vest’ pronunciation
  • {{hyphenation}}
  • /ˈrintɑˌliːʋit/
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. A bra, brassiere.
Synonyms: rintsikat colloquial
rintsikat etymology From rintaliivit.
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) A bra.
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (Christianity) A confession (disclosure of one's sins to a priest).
  2. (colloquial) A confirmation (sacrament of sealing and strengthening in many Christian religions).
    • päästä ripille
      • to get confirmed
  3. (colloquial) A Communion (Holy Communion).
    • käydä ripillä
      • to go to the (Holy) Communion
related terms:
  • ripittäytyä
  • ripittää
ripsipiirakka etymology ripsi ‘lash’ + piirakka ‘pie’
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (humorous, vulgar) female genitalia
riskeerata etymology
  • Probably from Swedish riskera.
  • {{hyphenation}}
verb: {{fi-verb}}
  1. (colloquial) To risk or incur risk (to something). Älä riskeeraa terveyttäsi tupakoimalla! Don't risk your health by smoking!
Synonyms: vaarantaa (standard language)
verb: {{fi-verb}}
  1. (intransitive, monopersonal) to annoy, vex Minua risoo se, että... It annoys me that...
This a monopersonal verb, meaning that grammatically speaking the annoyed person is the object of the clause and the thing annoying him/her (se in the example above) is the subject. Consequently, the verb is mostly used in 3rd person only. Synonyms: harmittaa, keljuttaa, ottaa päähän, riepoa, vituttaa (vulgar)
  • orsia, siroa
risteilijä etymology risteillä + jä
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (nautical, military) A cruiser (class of warships).
  2. (nautical) A cruiser (civilian yacht designed for cruising).
  3. (military, slang) A plate or other container provided on a military mess table for collection of potato peels and other debris.
risti pronunciation
  • {{rhymes}}
etymology From orv крьстъ 〈krʹstʺ〉.
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. cross
  2. (cards) club
  3. (music, informal) sharp symbol ♯in notation
  4. short of ristiselkä; used especially of animals
Synonyms: (symbol ♯) korotusmerkki
related terms:
  • rasti
  • risteys
compounds: {{top4}}
  • rautaristi
  • hakaristi
  • maltanristi
  • ristiaallokko
  • ristiinajo
  • ristiinnaulita
  • ristilaukka
  • ristinikama
  • ristinivel
  • ristinolla
  • ristipisto
  • ristipää
  • ristiretki
  • ristiriita
  • ristisaatto
  • ristisana
  • ristiseiska
  • ristiselkä
  • ristisidos
  • ristisiitos
  • siniristi
verb: {{head}}
  1. fi-form of ristiä
  2. fi-form of ristiä
  3. fi-form of ristiä
  4. fi-form of ristiä
risuaita etymology risu ‘brushwood’ + aita ‘fence’
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. A fence made of brushwood.
  2. (colloquial) A hash, pound sign or square # -symbol.
Synonyms: (#-symbol) ruutu
  • airuista
risuparta etymology risu ‘stick’ + parta ‘beard’
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (pejorative) An unkempt beard, clearly longer than just a stubble, especially on a young man.
Ritola etymology From , a Finnish long-distance runner who won 8 Olympic medals in the 1920's.
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (humorous) escape, flight; used in the idiomatic expression ottaa.
rohmu etymology From rohmuta. pronunciation
  • ˈrohmu
  • {{hyphenation}}
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (pejorative) A greedy hoarder.
  2. One who possess or takes a lot of something.
Pejorative quality totally depends on context. Used a lot in compound pairs, e.g. pisterohmu (credit hoarder).
etymology 1 From Russian тройка 〈trojka〉.
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (colloquial, dated) troika
  2. (colloquial, dated) gang, crowd, group, caboodle
Synonyms: (troika) troikka, (gang, crowd) joukko, porukka
etymology 2 unknown, though related to roikkua.
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) extension cord
Synonyms: (extension cord) jatkojohto
  • rikkoa, rokkia
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) junk (miscellaneous items of little value).
  2. (bodybuilding, sports, slang) roid
Synonyms: kama, krääsä, romu
  • airon, aroin, orain, orina, Raino, raoin
rokata pronunciation
  • {{hyphenation}}
  • Rhymes: mokata
verb: {{fi-verb}}
  1. (colloquial) to rock (to play rock music).
  • ratkoa
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) rock musician
Synonyms: rockmuusikko
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) stuff, junk
Synonyms: roina, roju
ronkeli etymology < Swedish krångel Alternative forms: kronkeli
adjective: {{fi-adj}}
  1. (dialectal, colloquial) picky, choosy, demanding
Synonyms: kranttu, nirso, vaativa
adverb: {{fi-adv}}
  1. (colloquial) lot of, load of Ongelmia on tulossa, ihan roppakaupalla. Problems are on the way, tons of them.
Synonyms: tonnikaupalla
roskakuski etymology roska + kuski
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) garbage collector, bin man, dustman, garbage man, garbo, refuse collector, sanitation engineer, trashman
roskalehti etymology roska + lehti
noun: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial) asswipe (periodical which has the habit of publishing questionable truths)
roskapönttö etymology roska + pönttö pronunciation
  • {{hyphenation}}
  • {{rhymes}}
  • /ˈroskɑˌpøntːø/
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) garbage can
Synonyms: (standard Finnish) jäteastia
roskaväki etymology roska ‘trash’ + väki ‘people, folks’
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (colloquial, derogatory) trash people of low social status or class, riffraff
  2. (derogatory) scum reprehensible persons as group
Synonyms: pohjasakka
roskis etymology From roska
noun: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial) Any container meant for collection and temporary storage of garbage, such as wastepaper basket, garbage can, dustbin, bin etc.
Synonyms: (standard Finnish) jäteastia
  • krossi
rosmota etymology From rosmo; compare rosvo > rosvota.
verb: {{fi-verb}}
  1. (childish) to steal, rob
Synonyms: varastaa
noun: {{head}}
  1. (slang) jacket, coat
  • risot, Risto, sirot, sorti
verb: {{fi-verb}}
  1. (colloquial) to whine (negative connotation)
verb: {{fi-verb}}
  1. (intransitive, colloquial) to beg
rulettaa etymology From English rule
verb: {{fi-verb}}
  1. (slang) To rule (to excel).
    • Tämä peli rulettaa! This game rules!
rullata etymology From rulla, from Swedish rulle.
verb: {{fi-verb}}
  1. to roll
  2. (slang, transitive) to steal from, to rob Minut rullattiin eilen illalla kadulla. I was robbed on the street last night.
Synonyms: (to roll) pyörittää, (to rob) ryöstää
rullatuoli etymology rulla + tuoli
noun: {{head}}
  1. (informal) wheelchair
Synonyms: pyörätuoli
ruma pronunciation
  • [ˈrumɑ]
  • {{rhymes}}
  • {{hyphenation}}
adjective: {{fi-adj}}
  1. ugly displeasing to the eye or ear
  2. ugly, dirty offensive to one's sensibilities or morality Hän teki meille ruman tempun. He played a dirty trick on us.
  3. dirty of a word or language in general: something considered vulgar ruma sana dirty word
Synonyms: (displeasing to eye or ear) epäesteettinen, pahannäköinen, (offensive to morality) moraaliton, ikävä, ilkeä, kelju, kurja, paha
  • kaunis
  • mura
noun: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial) A drumstick (stick used to play drums).
Synonyms: rumpukapula
runkata pronunciation
  • {{hyphenation}}
verb: {{fi-verb}}
  1. (transitive, intransitive, vulgar) to beat, jerk, jack off, wank
runkkari pronunciation
  • {{hyphenation}}
  • {{rhymes}}
  • [ˈruŋkːɑri]
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) wanker
runkkaus etymology runkata + us
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (vulgar) wanking, wank
Synonyms: itsetyydytys
  • nurkkaus
runkku etymology From runkata (to wank)
noun: {{head}}
  1. (vulgar) A jerk-off; an annoying (usually male) person.
  2. (vulgar) A session of masturbation; a wank.
  3. (vulgar) A (usually of a male) person who masturbates a lot; a wanker.
Synonyms: (wanker) runkkari
  • kurkun
ruoho {{wikipedia}} etymology Proto-Finnic *rōho-, from Proto-Germanic *grōsō-. Cognates include Engliish grass and Swedish gräs. pronunciation
  • {{hyphenation}}
  • /ˈruoho/
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. grass mass noun; blade of grass individual specimen
  2. (slang) marijuana
Synonyms: (marijuana) marihuana
ruokakauppa etymology ruoka ‘food’ + kauppa ‘store’
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) grocery, grocer's, grocery store
This term is used generally to refer to retailer for whom food is the main article. Usually they sell also other household supplies such as detergents. Synonyms: päivittäistavarakauppa
noun: {{head}}
  1. fishbone, bone bone of a fish
  2. shaft, stem main axis of a feather
  3. (informal) spine, chine backbone, especially of an animal
Synonyms: (fishbone) kalanruoto, (spine) selkäranka
  • ruo'ot, uroot
rupisammakko etymology rupi ‘scab’ + sammakko ‘frog’
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) toad, Bufo bufo
Synonyms: rupikonna
rusina {{Finnish index}} etymology From Swedish russin; ultimately from French raisin, from Old French, from Latin racemus. pronunciation
  • [ˈrusinɑ]
  • {{hyphenation}}
  • {{rhymes}}
noun: {{wikipedia}} {{head}}
  1. raisin
  2. (pejorative) old woman
  • nauris, surina
ruskeakielinen etymology ruskea + kieli + -nen
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (pejorative) brownnoser; sycophant
adjective: {{fi-adj}}
  1. brownnosing
rustata {{Finnish index}}
verb: {{fi-verb}}
  1. (colloquial) to write
Synonyms: kirjoittaa
rutina etymology rutista + na pronunciation
  • {{rhymes}}
noun: {{head}}
  1. crackle, crunch (sound of sand between gears).
  2. (colloquial) constant complaint
related terms:
  • rutista
  • anturi, nutria, riutan, tunari, uritan
adjective: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial, rare) plentiful
  • arkut, kartu, karut, kurat, rukat
rutkasti etymology rutka + sti
adverb: {{fi-adv}}
  1. (colloquial) a lot, plentifully
rutosti etymology Apparently rutto + sti, but probably developed from common language term rutkasti.
adverb: {{fi-adv}}
  1. (colloquial) lots of
  • soturit
ruumisarkunnaula etymology ruumisarkku ‘of coffin’ + naula ‘nail’
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (colloquial, humorous) coffin nail cigarette
Synonyms: savuke, syöpäkääryle
ruuvimeisseli {{wikipedia}} etymology ruuvi + meisseli
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (informal) A screwdriver tool.
Synonyms: ruuvitaltta
ryijy {{wikipedia}} etymology From Swedish rya.
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. rya type of rug
  2. (vulgar) beaver female pubic hair
rynkky etymology Contraction of rynnäkkökivääri.
noun: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial) assault rifle
ryssiä {{Finnish index}} pronunciation
  • [ˈrysːiæ]
  • {{hyphenation}}
noun: {{head}}
  1. fi-form of ryssä
  • [ˈrysːiæˣ]
  • {{hyphenation}}
verb: {{fi-verb}}
  1. (colloquial) To screw up.
  • Considered by some as offensive due to it being an ethnic slur against Russians.
  • sysäri
proper noun: {{fi-proper noun}}
  1. (derogatory) Russia
Synonyms: Venäjä
ryssä etymology From Swedish ryss, from Old East Slavic (Old Russian) Русь 〈Rusʹ〉, from Old Swedish *roþs-. See also etymology section of Ruotsi and rusi.
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (derogatory, ethnic slur) Russki, Russkie Russian person
Synonyms: (derogatory) iivana, slobo, vanja, (neutral) venäläinen
proper noun: {{fi-proper noun}}
  1. (informal) A nickname of the city of Brussels.
Synonyms: Bryssel
noun: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial) worn out cloth
verb: {{head}}
  1. fi-form of rytkyä
  2. fi-form of rytkyä
  3. fi-form of rytkyä
noun: {{head}}
  1. A drink, shot (dose of a strong alcoholic beverage).
  2. A gulp of some drink, not necessarily alcoholic.
  3. The "seed liquid" to prime a centrifugal pump.
  4. (colloquial) The choke of a carburetor.
Synonyms: (choke) rikastin, (shot) napanteri, paukku, shotti
  • ryyppyputki
  • ryyppylasi
noun: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial) primer (device)
Synonyms: ryyppy, rikastin
noun: {{head}}
  1. (pejorative) rag (worn-out or worthless piece of clothing)
coordinate terms:
  • loimi
  • riepu
  • rätti
  • vaate
ryysätä Alternative forms: ryysiä
verb: {{fi-verb}}
  1. (intransitive, colloquial) to jostle (to move through by pushing and shoving)
  • ryystää
räkiä pronunciation
  • [ˈræki.æˣ]
  • {{hyphenation}}
verb: {{fi-verb}}
  1. (colloquial) To spit (saliva).
  • [ˈræki.æ]
  • {{hyphenation}}
noun: {{head}}
  1. fi-form of räkä
  • kääri
noun: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial) fieldfare, Turdus pilaris
Synonyms: räkättirastas
  • kärsä
räkä etymology An early borrowing from Proto-Germanic *hrēkan. Cognates include Estonian rögä, Old English hraca, Old Norse hráki.
noun: {{head}}
  1. snot (viscous)
  2. rheum, water (watery)
  3. (informal) saliva
räkäjarrut etymology räkä ‘snot’ + jarru ‘brakes’
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (pejorative) moustache
Synonyms: viikset
räkäklöntti etymology räkä + klöntti
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) gob of snot; bogie piece of mucus from the nose
räkälä etymology räkä + la
noun: {{head}}
  1. Inexpensive, run-down bar
  2. (pejorative) pub
räkärätti etymology Compound of räkä ‘snot’ + rätti ‘rag’. pronunciation
  • {{hyphenation}}
  • /ˈræk̟æˌræt̪ːi̞/
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) kleenex, hanky
rälläkkä {{Finnish index}}
etymology 1
noun: {{wikipedia}} {{fi-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) angle grinder
Synonyms: kulmahiomakone
etymology 2 From Swedish Frälsningsarmén
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (informal) Salvation Army
Not used in plural in this sense.
rälläköidä etymology rälläkkä + oida
verb: {{fi-verb}}
  1. (informal) to cut or grind with an angle grinder
ränni pronunciation
  • {{rhymes}}
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) Often in plural (rännit), a system for collecting the rainwater from the roof and leading it down to a drain or to the ground.
  2. (colloquial) Any of the main components of such system, particularly a downspout (syöksytorvi) or a gutter (sadevesikouru).
  3. A trough which is open in one or both ends, especially when used as component in a liquid handling system.
  4. (mining) A launder (trough used by miners to separate metal-rich pieces from the crushed ore by washing)
  5. (sports) In ice hockey, the boards when used to steer the puck. lyödä kiekko ränniin to shoot the puck along the boards
  6. (slang) vein, especially when referred to in connection of intravenous drug use
Synonyms: (rainwater system) sadevesijärjestelmä, (components of a rainwater system) sadevesikouru, syöksytorvi, (ice hockey) laita, (vein) laskimo
  • närin
verb: {{fi-verb}}
  1. (intransitive, colloquial) {{defn}}
verb: {{head}}
  1. fi-form of räpeltää
noun: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial) rap music
related terms:
  • räpätä
rästi {{Finnish index}} etymology Swedish rest, restskatt
noun: {{head}}
  1. (informal) anything undone, uncompleted or left over; often in plural; translations into English vary by case, e.g. loose ends Mun pitää tehdä kaikki rästiin jääneet läksyt. I have to do all the homework that was left undone.
  • rästityö
  • verorästi
noun: {{head}}
  1. A rag (a piece of cloth torn off; a tattered piece of cloth; a shred; a tatter; a fragment).
  2. (colloquial) A rag (any piece of canvas)
  3. (colloquial, pejorative) A garment.
  4. (nautical, slang) A sail.
adjective: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial) exhausted.
    • Olen ihan rätti.
      • I'm completely exhausted.
Synonyms: (nouns meaning "exhausted" when used adjectively) loppu, naatti, poikki
  • rätit
rättipää etymology rätti ‘rag’ + pää ‘head’ pronunciation
  • {{hyphenation}}
  • /ˈrætːiˌpæː/
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (offensive) raghead
  • päättäri
verb: {{fi-verb}}
  1. (slang) To smoke.
related terms:
  • rööki
etymology 1 From Proto-Finnic *-c.
suffix: {{fi-suffix}}
  1. Forms ordinal numbers from cardinal numbers, or ordinal pronouns. mones
Added to the genitive singular (weak grade) stem.
etymology 2 {{rfe}}
particle: {{head}}
  1. (enclitic) When appended to a second-person singular or plural imperative, gives the command or request slightly rude or impatient tone—often with different verbs and different independent particles adjacent, the tone is different:
    • Kuules nyt! (addressing one person)
      • Now do listen! (with nyt, quite an established expression of frustration, speaker very impatient)
    • Kuulkaas nyt! (addressing many persons or formally one person)
      • Now do ye listen! (same tone as above)
    • Tees nämä tehtävät. (addressing one person, tone less impatient)
      • Go do these tasks.
  2. (enclitic) When appended to the particle -pa/-pä that is appended to a second-person imperative, gives the command or request a slightly more persuasive or inspiring tone:
    • Laitapas lautaset pöytään.
      • Hey, go put the plates on the table.
  3. (enclitic) Mainly in informal contexts: a particle appended to an interrogative suffix -ko/-kö of the verb conjugated (also - with the negation verb) in order to bring the conversation partner or a person outside the conversation, talked about, emotionally closer to the speaker, or to create familiarity into the conversation; also to express that closeness or familiarity—sometimes very difficult to translate well into English, in some cases corresponds the tag question:
    • Jaksatkos sinä?
      • May you make it maybe?
    • Eis Saara opiskele oikeustieteä?
      • Saara studies law, nuh?
  4. (enclitic, colloquial) appended to the shortened impersonal indicative present form (-n omitted) to soften the command or request or to make it more persuasive:
    • Tehdääs tämä huomenna.
      • Let's go do this tomorrow.
etymology 3 From apocope of the final vowel of -ssa, -ssä.
suffix: {{fi-suffix}}
  1. (case suffix, colloquial or dialectal) alternative form of -ssa
sa etymology From the Proto-Uralic root *te or *tun. pronunciation
  • {{hyphenation}}
  • [sɑ]
pronoun: {{fi-pron}}
  1. (personal, archaic, poetic) you (singular; in archaic English: thou).
Synonyms: sinä (standard Finnish), sie (dialectal), (colloquial), sää (dialectal)
saada {{Finnish index}} etymology From Proto-Finnic *saadak, from Pre-Finnic *sëχi-, from Pre-Indo-Iranian *seģh-. Cognates include Swedish seger, German sieg, English school and scheme. pronunciation
  • {{hyphenation}}
  • {{rhymes}}
  • /ˈsɑːdɑˣ/
verb: {{fi-verb}}
  1. (transitive) to get, receive
  2. (transitive) saada tietää: to learn, find out, come to know
  3. (transitive) to afford; usually in passive to give forth; yield as natural result Rypäleistä saadaan viiniä, oliiveista öljyä. Grapes afford wine, olives afford oil.
  4. (transitive, + infinitive; in indicative or conditional mood) to deserve Saisit hävetä! You deserve to be ashamed! You should be ashamed!
  5. (transitive, + infinitive) may, to be allow, to be permit
  6. (transitive, + direct object in accusative + 3rd infinitive in illative) to make (to cause the direct object to be the subject of a verb) Saat minut nauramaan. You're making me laugh.
  7. (colloquial) to get laid (If the partner is mentioned, the partner is in the ablative case (equivalent to "from"))
Synonyms: (to deserve) sietää in indicative or conditional mood, ansaita
saatanasti etymology saatana + sti
adverb: {{fi-adv}}
  1. (vulgar) An intensifier.
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) alternative form of sapluuna
safka etymology From Russian закуска 〈zakuska〉. pronunciation
  • {{rhymes}}
noun: {{head}}
  1. (slang) food
safkata etymology safka + ta
verb: {{fi-verb}}
  1. (slang) to eat
  • faksaat, faksata, safkaat
sakkoliha etymology sakko ‘fine, penalty’ + liha ‘meat’
noun: {{head}}
  1. (slang) A jailbait a person below the age of consent for sexual activity.
Synonyms: alaikäinen
saku pronunciation
  • {{hyphenation}}
  • [ˈsɑku]
  • {{rhymes}}
etymology 1 Corruption of saksalainen.
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (slang) German, Kraut German person
etymology 2
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. guan South American bird
  • suka
salapoliisi etymology sala- + poliisi
noun: {{head}}
  1. (informal) A detective
Synonyms: (police officer) etsivä, (private investigator) yksityisetsivä
salkunkantaja etymology salkun ‘of briefcase’ + kantaja ‘bearer’
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (informal) sidekick assistant
Synonyms: avustaja, apuri, apulainen
noun: {{head}}
  1. (colloquial, pluralonly) velvet jeans
Synonyms: samettifarmarit
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