The Alternative French Dictionary: affaire

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affaire etymology a + faire pronunciation
  • /a.fɛʁ/
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noun: {{fr-noun}}
  1. affair, business
  2. deal
  3. (Quebec, informal) things; stuff
    • 1996, Chrystine Brouillet, C'est pour mieux t'aimer, mon enfant, 2-89021-276-9, 66, "Cibole! C'est pas le genre d'affaire qu'on oublie!" — Dangit! It's not the kind of stuff you just forget!
  4. (Quebec, informal) thingamajig
  • In the meaning of "thing, stuff", the word is also used as a plurale tantum.
related terms:
  • faire
  • affairement
  • affairer

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