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p (continued)

Pups, der (noun, m) a fart note children's language


Querfotze (fem. noun) Literally 'cunt going sideways' note Only say it if you want to really offend a woman.


rammeln to fuck note Rammler = male rabbit or hare
rammeln to fuck note Rammler = male rabbit or hare
reihern (verb, intrans) to vomit note Reiher, der (noun, m.) = heron (big fishcatching bird)
Rottler (masc. noun) wanker note Hessian term.
runterholen, sich einen to masturbate


Sack, der testicles, balls
Sackratten lousy animals,nisting at the balls,not funny
Scheisse, die shit
Scheißhaus, das (noun, n.) loo, toilet note literal 'shit house', common, but not suitable for public usage
Schlampe, die unorderly woman note woman who neglects her appearance or her household duties or who fucks around. Used as an insult by intolerant people.
Schlampenschlepper, der (noun) Pimp's car; literally "slut dragger." note Used to indicate a (usually) large, American automobile, like those commonly seen in film scenes depicting pimps and their working girls. An old wreck.
Schnecke (fem. noun) penis note child language.
Schnecke, die (noun, f.) handsome female persone note literal 'snail', of course considered offensive by feminists
Schniedel, der (noun) penis note funny expression, not offensive
Schnitte, die (n.) chick note Schau dir 'mal die Schnitte an! (Look at that chick!)
schnitten nageln to nail some chicks note common slang
Schnittenalarm (n.) lit. chickalarm, means "that there are some chicks around"
Schoßglatze,die (fem, nom) circumcision note He is circumcised. / Er hat eine Schoßglatze lit.: bald-headed lap
schrullen, abschrullen (verb) to piss note Example: Muss schrullen wie's Tier!
Schwaadlappen (noun) cologne dialect for a person who talks endlessly note Du bist mir aber ein Schwaadlappen
Schwanz, der penis
Schwanzlutscher, der (noun, m) cocksucker
Schwengel, der (noun) penis
schwul gay note Formerly derogatory, now used by gay people to refer to themselves.
Ständer, der erection
Steifer (noun, masc.) erection note einen Steifen haben = have an erection
Strapse, die (plural) girdles
strullen (verb, intr.) to piss note used in a funny sense


tackern to fuck
Titten, die (noun, pl., f.) female breasts, tits note common, but offensive
Torte Pretty Woman, Foxy Lady note Hey, Torte komm mal her zu mir!
Tripper, der (noun) The "Clap" [gonorrhea] note The term is related to the verbs "tropfen" (to drip) and "triefen" (to run like a fluid, to drip). Obviously this has to do with the physical effects of the illness.
Tripper-Clipper, der (noun) Literally: "Clap [gonorrhea] clipper" note In the 70's and 80's many German men took tours to Thailand for the express purpose of living out sexual fantasies, e.g., group sex, sex with exotic women, etc. Return flights were heavily populated with such "tourists" who were often exposed to, if not infected with a social disease. See "Bumsenbomber."
tuete, die (noun) Joint note The common way for young people to say 'joint'. Example: Gib mir mal die Tuete rueber - Pass me the joint.
Tunte, die gay, transvestite note used for "obviously" homosexual persons
Tussi young girl note geile Tussi: good looking girl


verdammter Schweinehund (neut. noun) idiot; absolute moron; dodo note Pronounced fair-DAHM-tir SHVINE-hoont; means, literally, "Damned pigdog." Can be used as an expletive: "Ach! Verdammter Schweinhund!" or as an insult: "Du bist ein verdammter Schweinhund." Means stupid in a sloppy, revolting, or ridiculous way. Uncommon.
verpissen, sich (verb) to go away (literally: piss oneself away) note Verpiß Dich! = go away!
vögeln (verb, intrans.) to fuck (each other) note very widely used in the 1970s and early 80s.


wegflexen, jemanden (inf. verb) to flatten someone note Er hat ihn weggeflext. He knocked him over.
weisser Bart (male noun) similar to pearl necklace, white {sperm} beard note semen on one's chin after fellatio
wichsen (verb, intransitive) to masturbate note the transitive usage with the original meaning 'to polish' as in "Schuhe wichsen" is falling into disuse.
wie's Tier (expression) like an animal note Very popular in the Southwest to emphasize what you say.
wixen (verb, intransitive) to masturbate note alternative spelling: wichsen
Wixer, der masturbator, asshole note generally used as an insult. alternative spelling: Wichser
Wo hockt de Bus? Who the fuck cares? note Literally 'where is the bus?'


Zuhälter, der (noun) A pimp
zusammenscheißen (verb, transitive, seperable prefix) to scold, to reprimand s.b. note much more aggressive than 'anscheißen'
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