The Alternative Greek Dictionary: ακτίνα

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ακτίνα 〈aktína〉 Alternative forms: (colloquial) αχτίνα 〈achtína〉, αχτίδα 〈achtída〉 (with some change in meaning), (misspelling) ακτίδα 〈aktída〉 (with some change in meaning)
noun: {{el-noun}}
  1. (physics) light ray, beam of light, X-ray (or other radiation)
  2. sunbeam
  3. (geometry) radius (physical line)
  4. (geometry) radius (dimension of a circle) … σε ακτίνα εκατοντάδων μέτρων … within a radius of hundreds of meters
  5. spoke (of a wheel)
Synonyms: (X-ray) ακτίνα Χ 〈aktína CH〉
related terms:
  • ακτινοβολώ 〈aktinobolṓ〉

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