The Alternative Hebrew Dictionary: אגס

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אגס 〈ʼgs〉 etymology Cognate with Arabic اجاص 〈ạjạṣ〉.
noun: {{he-noun}}
  1. A pear, a fruit borne by trees of the genus Pyrus, and especially the cultivated species Pyrus communis.
  2. A pear tree, a tree that bears such fruit.
  3. Genus Pyrus, the genus of such trees.
  4. (slang) An electric light bulb.
Synonyms: (pear) פרי 〈pry〉, (pear tree) עץ 〈ʻẕ〉, אַגָּסָה 〈ʼagá̇sáh〉, (Pyrus) Pyrus (translingual), (electric light) נוּרָה 〈nẇráh〉

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