The Alternative Hebrew Dictionary: ביצה

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ביצה 〈byẕh〉
etymology 1
noun: {{he-noun}}
  1. egg exampleאני צריך ללכת לקנות ביצים.
  2. (slang, in plural) testicles, balls (referring to anatomy, bravery or general self-assuredness) exampleיש לו ביצים גדולות שהוא אוהב להראות לכולם.
etymology 2
noun: {{he-noun}}
  1. swamp, marsh
  • Many stylebook recommend using the deficient spelling בצה 〈bẕh〉 also in the everyday non-vocalized writing system, in order to make clear distinction with the word ביצה 〈byẕh〉 (egg).

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