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ילד 〈yld〉 etymology From the root י־ל־ד 〈y־l־d〉. pronunciation
  • {{he-wv}}: (IL) /ˈje.led/
  • {{he-wv}}: (IL) /jaˈlad/
noun: {{he-noun}}
  1. A (male) child, a (male) kid, a boy: a young (male) person.
  2. (specifically) A son, a (male) child, a (male) kid, a boy: a person's (male) offspring. כמה ילדים יש לכם? 〈kmh yldym yş lkm?〉káma y'ladím yesh lakhém? — How many children do you have?
  3. (derogatory) An immature adult; kid, child.
  4. (among children and teenagers) Used of a (male) peer of one's own age group. ילד מהכתה שלי yld mhkţh şly〉 yéled meihakitá shelía boy from my class
  • In colloquial Modern Hebrew, the plural יְלָדִים 〈yĕládiym〉 is generally used to refer to child (of mixed or unknown sex) while בָּנִים 〈bá̇niym〉 is generally used to refer to boy.
verb: {{he-verb}}
  1. (of a woman) To give birth (to a child).
  • Needless to say, this verb's masculine forms are exceedingly rare.
related terms:
  • הוליד 〈hwlyd〉
  • יילד 〈yyld〉
  • נולד 〈nwld〉
  • דלי, ליד

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