The Alternative Hebrew Dictionary: ירד

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ירד 〈yrd〉 etymology From the root י־ר־ד 〈y־r־d〉. Cognate to ورد 〈wrd〉.
verb: {{he-verb}}
  1. To go down, descend.
  2. To go down, decline, decrease.
  3. To emigrate from Israel, or (humorous) from another country.
  4. To criticize, lambaste; construed with the preposition על 〈ʻl〉.
  • (descend) עלה 〈ʻlh〉
  • (decrease) עלה 〈ʻlh〉
  • (emigrate from Israel) עלה 〈ʻlh〉
  • דיר

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