The Alternative Hebrew Dictionary: כוס

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כוס 〈kws〉
etymology 1 From Proto-West Semitic K-ʾ-S, "cup," by way of the . See also Arabic كأس.
noun: {{he-noun}}
  1. A cup, glass, tumbler.
  • {{he-usage-begedkefet}}
  • This noun is feminine in the Bible, but is masculine in the Mishnah and in later writings, even to modern times. When , though, the word reverted to feminine, as in the Bible.
etymology 2
noun: {{he-noun}}
  1. little owl species of owl
etymology 3 From Arabic كُسّ 〈kus̃〉, from Persian کس 〈ḵs〉.
noun: {{he-noun}}
  1. (vulgar, taboo slang) A pussy (vagina).

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